M4A3E2 back to 5.3

I don’t know who thought the Jumbo 75 needed to go to 5.7, but You need to get your head evaluated. That tank only has 104mm of pen, it struggled at 5.3 to pen anything in an uptier and now you want it facing things it wont be able to pen (tiger 2H) but can just lol pen it?

It has 101mm of armor with a 3.3 gun. its a HEAVY tank, it is supposed to be able to brawl it out but now it is just arguably, useless. It is NOT on par with the panthers, they have 192mm of pen, with just as effective armor yet people say they don’t belong at 6.0? The panthers are the BEST medium tanks in the game armor wise. Their armor acts as if they are heavies and their gun slices through anything they look at. But because the German mains cry and whine you move the IS3, Jumbo, and KV1 Zis5 up?

It is unfair to the other players in the game to have their tanks moved to where they are useless even as late game spawns all because one nations players cry and whine. The Jumbo 75 has no right to be at 5.7 (6,7 since 5.7 is a joke and you refuse to decompress the BR system). It has 101mm of armor, which is effective to around 188mm MAYBE 199mm if angled right, and only 104mm of pen. And it will be facing tanks with 237mm of pen, 185mm or armor at BASE VALUE, NOT EVEN ANGLED.

The German cats deserve to be 6.0 as they are MEDIUMS who act like heavies with their armor and ability to brawl, meanwhile every US heavy gets shafted below 6.7? Where is the logic in this? even the 76 Jumbo, which boasts a whopping 149mm of pen is HIGHER in BR than the panthers, despite the panthers having a better gun, arguably better mobility (excluding urban) and are considered Medium tanks.

The 75 Jumbo will struggle to be relevant at its new BR because its gun wont pen almost anything, it armor means nothing now as it will be lol penned by the Germans, and it was moved because the Germans cried about it. I’ve been playing this game since 2013, and between my files I have over 7k hours in the game. You can do better gaijin.

The jumbo needs to go back to 5.3 so it can be relevant in the game. either fix the BR system and its compression or sit back and watch as more and more people get fed up and leave the game and watch what you created slowly die right in front of you. Which at this rate, is slowly starting to happen as you ignore any issues or you fix them then just make it worse a month later.


Everything should be back on its br, or at least ww2 vehicles


I disagree with that. The panthers acted as heavies with their armor, and have almost double the pen of the Jumbo, they should stay. The tiger however and the KV1 Zis5, yes, they need to be moved back. they are now experiencing what the jumbo has for years now. IMO the VIDAR and the panthers are the only ones that should have moved, and the VIDAR needs to go up still, it should be 8.7. Other than those, they need to move everything back. The KV1 and Jumbo are now useless tanks at their BR, the tiger is almost useless. They took 3 of the Heavies that made those BRs and just shafted them.

BUT, there should be a separation between cold war and WW2 tanks.


5.7 is no longer 5.7

All the tigers and panthers are 6.0

You’re complaining about fighting the same BR range, the only negative is if you get pulled to 6.7


They should have moved the panther G to 6.0 and keep the panther A at 5.7 or give the panther A the hp back and move it to 6.0 aswell. The panther G is better than the panther A and the panther F is better than the panther F and now all are at the same br


They’re likely going to end up moving it to 6.3 with their current plans

The panther F? I don’t think so.

because the German mains cry and whine

Stopped reading there.

No one asked for this, stop harassing and blaming other players for Gaijin being incompetent, the sooner people realize changes are pushed by Gaijin and they do not care what players say or do, the sooner we can actually unite against it and make progress, instead of endless bickering between the community where we point fingers at each other instead of at Gaijin who is solely responsible for all the issues.


The panther F should stay 6.0, even if it does have more turret armor at 120mm. if they go up further it wouldn’t be right. 6.0 is perfect for the panthers.

It was German players on the forum that requested the IS3 and Jumbo 75 be moved up if the tigers and panthers got moved.

Yes, gaijin is ultimately to blame, but the German players brought it on. They are to blame also.

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Feel free to provide the example of all these ‘German players’ requesting the Jumbo to go up.


No. what I’m complaining about is they moved tanks that have guns that underperform to BR they don’t belong at. 5.7 gets sucked into 6.7 almost every game now. and having 104mm of pen is pointless, the jumbo is a Heavy, it should be able to brawl just as the tiger 2 can and tiger 1 could, the tiger 1 needs to go back down in BR also. it doesn’t belong at 6.0


Its somewhere in the forum threads of the planned changes, and also standalone topics. go search it.

The G maybe the A

My back, wasn’t coffeebean, it was Alex

apologies for the typos, i am just in a rush and wanted to answer before I’m gone for afew hours. don’t want ya to think im ignoring ya

Yeah, a singular comment out of 1400 comments said something about the Jumbo in a long list of suggestions.

because the German mains cry and whine


Misleading. Jumbo gun is stabilized and has adequate pen and filler meaning its just better in urban maps as long as you know where to pen what you’re shooting at. Armor is also stronger overall frontally for most conventional ammo just down to there being no real weakspots besides the mg port which everybody just covers up with stuff anyway. Jumbo hull down is definitely more effective than Panther hull down armor wise and the Jumbo also has good gun depression where as the Panther does not. It’s not this clear cut and dry. Jumbo 76 is quite good when it’s fighting Panthers.


Ok? This doesn’t make sense.

  1. Only a FEW tanks got uptiered… not EVERYTHING like people claim. The overwhelming majority of rank 3-4 tanks stayed exactly put.

  2. Even if every tank at that area DID get uptiered, the stuff above them did not, meaning by default the vehicle is now way worse because it now faces things it didn’t face before at all including many borderline unkillable 6.7s like the Tiger 2H and the Jagdtiger

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