Lower the SU-25BM pleass

That report was closed, and declared a duplicate.

If you click on the “duplicate” post. its nothing alike to the other bug report it was closed probably due to language issues or some other BS. Either way. Those 2 bug reports are completely different. One is about low alt performance the other is about side aspect performance. But neither have actually been fixed in game. So if they were a “duplicate” it still hasnt been fixed

You have it very backwards. We know how mono pulse works. Gaijin knows how mono pulse works. Gaijin has ALL SARH ALREADY using monopulse tech. Every SARH in game rn is pretending it’s monopulse. If they WERE to implement the difference, it would simply mean that the current AIM-7M/Skyflash remains the same effectiveness, but the rest of SARH would become far worse at doing look down attacks even if the host radar is doing fine with PD.

I don’t agree.

No they don’t.

Oh my god you’re right! After all this testing and confirmation by both these tests AND the devs, it turns out “No” just changed everything!


I agree it’s BR should be lowered to 10.7 atleast I’m sorry but a SUBSONIC STRIKE AIRCRAFT should not be fighting Gen 4 fighters who have radar missiles and unflarable missiles its not fair I have been trying to spade it for 2 weeks and have gotten nowhere because I keep getting smacked out of the air by Radar missiles and AIM 9L’s and R27’s it’s a bit ridiculous to spade almost impossible it’s Overtiered unpowered and Undergunned it’s a pain in the ass and as someone else pointed out a shitty flight models

So that makes me a NATO main, but I play all tech trees, so I’m an everything main.

Only unflarable missiles got your su25bm. Aim9l nad r60m are crap.