Lower the SU-25BM pleass

please lower BR for Su-25BM. it doesn’t belong there and it can barely kill anything in it with stock weapons


Most of Strike Aircrafts are overtiered in ARB

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Its an attacker not an air superiority fighter. You shouldn’t be getting any kills in it in ARB. Its meant for GRB or ASB.

That being said. R-73s are a WIP. Probably going to be OP in a few weeks. Probably 2x easy kills every match


it’s not a fighter, it doesn’t need to kill anything flying

I’ve been doing very well with it and I don’t think it belongs any lower than 11.0


Undertiered, more like. They aren’t fighters, they shouldn’t be able to be flown as fighters. Wyvern, Vickers Tempest, Do-335, Q-5, Su-7, Su-25, A-10, and so on. Not saying there aren’t overtiered attackers because they are, but I wouldn’t say “most”, especially when we’re talking about Su-25s.


they shouldnt have given it R-73s imo, if they wanted to test it, they shouldve used a fighter platform.
as it is now, its a subsonic airframe with questionable wing rip speeds (rips due to air resistance at 900 something but wont rip if you open airbrakes at 900 (which increase air resistance at the very tip of the wing causing the stress that breaks the wing but no gaijin has the perfect model)) and a bad image

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Nah, most are tiered properly for air RB, including the Su-25BM.
It’s a bit over-tiered for ground RB tho.

There is no 10.7ish fighter platform to test it on.

without the r-73 it would be near 10.0

i cant agree, kh-29L plus guided bombs at 10.0 would be a bit too much, but then again, if the other 10.0 su 25s have it then it could be ok.

the mig 21s were equipped with r-73s but who says we need a 10.7 platform to test it? use the dev server for that.

The Mig-21s equipped with R-73s aren’t in the game at this time.
And dev server can’t give you live server data.

the data they need, (performance and aerodynamic results data) is easily available in the dev server, they only need Matchmaking data from the real server, it is clear the R-73 was a pre release. its too buggy to qualify as a final software product

That’s not the data they need, the data they need is balancing data.
Without it they can’t accurately add it to fighters ever.
There’s a reason A-10 got 9Ls first.

yes AKA matchmaking data, (the effect on the matchmaker from the induction of a new weapons system).
they first need a finalised software product to induct into the live server in order to get true MM data results, otherwise the weapons system will end up giving a false data result like the AS34 kormoran or a multitude of other vehicles and systems not incorporated correctly.

the 9L was a final product and a tested weapons system with satisfactory performance. hence that was a final product that they only needed MM data for.

no, a Helicopter (can’t recall which) got 9L first

The Ah1-Z wasnt that it?

yes i think so

Meanwhile all of the 9.0s+ without flares having 0 games played in a month

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You mean Sa’ar? Cause 9.0s are common otherwise, largely cause 9.0s rarely see all-aspects.

You cant choose a br based on its stock grind, it gets freaking r73s that even will still get buffed because they are bugged, with those missles it cant get a br change. You gotta suck it up and do a hard grind.

meanwhile A-6 tram with aim-9l, thermal and guided bombs - 10.0
A-10A(late) with aim-9l, thermal and guided stuff - 10.3
Su-25BM a slightly better SU-25K with KH-29T, useless Kab-500KR, without thermal and the same stuff like SU-25 and R-73 - 11.3.
SU-25BM should be around 10.0-10.3. R-73 are easily to dodge, just flare and dont fly like bot (straight, 0 maneuvers and flares).

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what do you guys not understand at the R73 is still massively bugged and will be buffed a lot. And you cant yet make a complains about it yet

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