Light tank for Germany at rank 3

Germany has a massiv gap between the puma and the m41. This topic is about options for germany at rank3. I think germany would benefit from a light tank very much, because germany has simply no mobility and no option to spot tanks or counter flank

best options in my opinion:
-east german Pt76b
-m41 with only solid shot
-Sonderwagen III (Alvis Saladin) 92 were used by the bundeswehr and this would be the best option in my opinion
-marder without atgm (best would be an early prototype)
–spähpanzer kurz
-Spähpanzer SP 1C (but is probably to high in br to fill that gap)
-Wiesel prototype without thermals (if that existed)

controversial tanks :
-Vk16.02 leopard
-other variants of the sdkfz 234/4 (slightly different gun etc.)

basically all similar to the r3, which could work as a light tank:
-Spahpanzer Luchs
-Spahpanzer Luchs prototype
-Thyssen Henschel UR-416
-Condor APC
-Sonderwagen IIa (Mowag MR-8)
-Kraka 641
-german m113 with 20mm cannon
-Fuchs versions with cannons

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Definitely agree that Germany needs a couple more light tanks early on in the tree, especially for the benefit of new players who would otherwise need to go up all the way to rank 4 in order to complete scouting/light tank tasks. For a new player, that is a very long grind, especially because it’s full of open-top tank destroyers which probably makes it the weakest line of the German tech tree (at least early on). I’d like to a couple of either the PT-76B, Sonderwagen III and/or Pz.Sfl.II added to the left most line in addition to some of the SPGs being foldered so the grind isn’t made any worse.

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Yeah a PT-76B would at least be a start. The sonderwagen would be cool aswell with 90mm hesh. But it’s just so frustrating at 4.3 to 6.0 because you have no mobility. You can’t coutner flank m18s or flank heavy tanks.

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No light tank again this patch. They could just copy a pt-76b or something. It’s so annoying to not have a light tank at rank 3. Mobility is king in wt.

China gets a new m41 without apds at 5.0. Germany could get one aswell and fix that giant light tank gap. I don’t understand why gaijin isn’t adding a vehicle there

Now they are moving the german m41 to 6.7. The gaps keeps growing and is now more than 3 full brs

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The new panzer 38 also got moved down to rank 1 recently so it lost its scouting ability.


lets hope this pulls thru


It’s funny because the added it to give germany a low tier light tank after the puma moved up.

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neither of these are rank3 and all would be below the puma. Germany lacks light tanks between the puma and m41.

There is no real option for a ww2 light tank because puma was the best light tank germany had and I don’t think gaijin will add tanks like the vk16.02

A pt76b or alvis saladin would be the best option. Spahpanzer luchs is another option but I don’t think it would be below the m41 after they added dm63 to the type 87 proto and moved it to 7.3. It was 5.7 without dm63 but people complained about cold war vehicles at 5.7.

Another option would be a m41 without heat and apds like the new chinese premium


I know is not the best solution but for Gaijin the most faster and simple is just “Cntrl C/Cntrl V” the PT-76.
Personally i find this light tank good and fun to play so if they finally add to German tree will be a good new.

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Yeah a pt-76 would be an easy solution. Germany really needs a light tank between the puma and m41. The gap is giant and now more than 3 brs wide and with other changes like the 5.3 and 5.7 lineup moving up they need some mobility and a vehicle which can support.