Lets talk about the state of Germany

I know how to keep my RL beliefs from clouding my judgement in a game. It’s quite obvious I tried the game from “both” sides, even more so from the non-Russia side, so the logical thing would be me asking for buffs to western nations and nerfs for Russia, so I could stomp even harder.

But that wouldn’t be that much fun, because even at the moment I have no issues dealing with stuff you’re crying about, so I guess it’s a you problem.

I’m not Russian.

Playing Leclercs and Type 90s is way more fun since at least they’re gimmicky in one way or another, while PSO is just a straight downgrade of an MBT from nearly 5 years ago lmao.

Honestly waiting for those “two” actually uparmoured Leopard 2s that Smin told us we’re getting this year, then I might play Germany again.


Fun is quite subjective but I do agree with you.
If someone wants to experience top tier 2A5s and such, they could very well go to Sweden and play those.

I made that post about top tier WRs just because it was pretty interesting to see WRs changing so drastically in a short period of time, while nothing game-changing was added.

Would be nice, but I hope they also implement full-scale decompression as well.

You are moving the goalposts now, as expected. Our main and only discussion point was 2A4, not PUMA or PSO, which I never even mentioned in our discussion.
Also, if you are so interested, my first page (27 records) of vehicles sorted by battle count consist of only 9 USSR vehicles (33%), meaning I was correct, I’ve played both sides extensively, even more so the non-Russian “side”.

Swedish 2A4s are functionally the same vehicles as German 2A4 but with different camos, so they will play exactly the same, which means my experience with them is very on-topic when it comes to the discussion of 2A4s vs TURMS.

What useful 3.3-6.7 br light tanks would germany be able to get?

Iirc they had an early version of the pt76 without a stabilizer, the late war pz2 light tank variants, the leopard light tank none of which would make it above the pz sfl lc or puma. youve got the luchs which is just a btr80 without any ability to kill things at the brs it could be placed at. Youve got the previously mentioned faun kraka terrier and spz 11-2 kurz, both of which would be equiped with apcr not apds at be like 4.0 max considering theyre 20mm hispanos not the rh202 20mm.

Aside from those what more could germany get in terms of usable light tanks?

exactly the same as the copy and paste model of the Leoapard 2A5 and PSO.
Yes, we all know it, the same vehicle and yet somehow not.

It’s also interesting that my post was deleted by a “Staff”, where I drew attention to a cheater who also drives Russian tanks.
But there are also coincidences, every day in every second round.

East germany had the pt76b with 2 axis stabilizer aswell (the one in the soviet tree). Gaijin could add the command variant of east germany which would be a little bit more unique.

A m41 with only solid shot would be possible aswell like they added into the chinese tree

they could get the alvis saladin aswell with 80mm pen hesh at 4.3/4.7.

spähpanzer kurz wouldn’t be that bad at 5.0 now with many heavys moved up and there are many more auto cannon options

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Yeah no, im not stupid enough to ask for a british tank before britain likely never gets it.

And even with a stabilizer the pt76 isnt as good a choice as just bringing up the puma.

Did germany ever use the base model m41 with no apds or heat? I wouldnt want gaijin to be hypocritical and give germany something they didnt use.

Well unlike the Puma the PT-76 was actually made…

Excuse me what? One of germanys most mass produced ww2 support vehicles was never made? You must be getting your tanks confused.

You are absolutely correct as I was thinking of the Leopard…

My bad, I genuinely don’t know what was happening in my head

Also isnt the whole point at least in gaijins opinion to use paper vehicles and unfinished vehicles only to fill gaps in tech trees. Like the gap in the german tech tree?

But honestly this is a live service game, at some point theyll have no choice but to add paper vehicles because theres a limited amount of real ones. Unless they start adding troop carriers and repair vehicles (thats highly unlikely though)

Only Italy gets the Lynx?

Lynx got it from Ungeria not Italy, which then Ungeria in the game is a nation within Italy is another matter, but as you wrote your post it sounds like Italy stole Lynx from you, which I’m sorry to tell you but, it’s not what you think.

There are many vehicles which are limited by the ammo choice especially japan has many of these vehicles. Taiwan probably didn’t use a m41 with only solid shot aswell but they got one.

Yeah no, im not stupid enough to ask for a british tank before britain likely never gets it.

And? Britain and Germany could get them at the same time or Germany could even get it an update later. It was used by the german bundesgrenzschutz with 100 vehicles and is a valid option.

And even with a stabilizer the pt76 isnt as good a choice as just bringing up the puma.

A pt76b is better than the puma just because it’s rank 3 and can be used for tasks. People who claim the pt76b is bad have a skill issue in general and need to learn what it means to support a team. The same people probably cry about the btr80 aswell. The pt76b is good after the reload buff and people need to learn not to shoot the same spot over and over again but aim for ammo or crew members

The pt76 is not a good tank, its better than it was but in no way shape or form is it good. I play mainly light tanks and the pt76 is just gross. I can kill tanks at 6.7 with the puma and have even gotten aces at 6.7. I would take the puma over the pt76 anyday.

Well, it gets completely blown out of the water by the Pt-76-57 which is severly gatekept. Due to this unfairness, it is pretty much mandatory to hate the free Pt-76.

122s have some very obvious differences, while all 2A4s in the game have same mobility, armor, darts, optics, etc.

If everyone started posting about people they believe are cheating, forums would surely implode from the sheer amount of posts.
Use in-game function to report players, this has been said countless times.

I’m sorry but you’ve gone off-topic yet again.
Everything points at the fact 2A4s can and will perform without an issue at 10.3.

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Guess what I do almost every day with players where it’s clear they’re cheating!
Now guess how interested Gaijin is, zero 0

im sorry but that sound’s more like a you problem and not like some huge mass of cheaters
i counted 3 in over 5k hours + the hours that aren’t on steam…

Simulator Battle Yesterday.
It must be my fault that I have this every day.

Edit: this Gamer is not Banned and continues to ruin the game for others.


So apparently the pumas pmc287 has not only an incorrect muzzle velocity but also an incorrect projectile weight. Muzzle velocity is listed as 1430m/s not 1405m/s. And projectile weight should be more than double at 220 grams.