Lets talk about the state of Germany

They’re identical currently. Pixel hunting’s required on both. I was slightly reckless on the angle tho, my bad. Then again, there’s no tank low enough to get 81 degrees.


I just really enjoy the fact that russia is allowed to have spall liners, to make the already poorly spalling russian tanks spall even less, but NATO cant have its anti-era tips on their APFSDS, just unbelievable…

Can you compare it to the PSO maybe? Since i played it a lot and it just had zero armor on ufp.

Too early. They’re trying to fit it the known sources right now. Seems like what we got on the first dev server is just a quick patchwork of available modules just so it can be used in matches.

Wait for the 2nd dev server, armour values there should be final, if not fixed by then, well… some men just want to see the world burn.

Yeah, I’ll look at that after my next match. Spading Gripen then going after Su-27 or Mirage 4000.

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Just laugh at the Swedish hypocrites

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Far worse that 2A7V & Strv 122.


You’re not only derailing the discussion, and asking for us to be silenced but also bringing it to another thread taunting is?

So did they fix the 2a7v? It seems?

It’s running the same composite as Strv 122B at the least.
Whether that’s correct or not IDK.

Its not correct but at least a totally unacceptable weakspot is removed.

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Really someone need to tell him that in this kind of job “You can’t have biases toward other” he can have bias all he want in his private time noone care or stop him but not toward players that they are customers of the game

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Pretty funny inaccuracy i’ve found lol.

One of the heavy side-skirts is 50mm, all the other are 100mm:

He’s been the constant pain for the majority of France as well.
If there was a way to organize that doesn’t mean everyone involved would get banned I’d gladly welcome it. Because calling out a moderator for their poor performance and lack of communication is considered a bad thing for the community to do.

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Not fixed, but the UFP is now universally protected at ~530mm RHAe vs KE (still doesn’t shatter APFSDS), and overall, still worse there than normal Leopard 2s without any add-ons.

i am taking bets if they gonna make it 50mm for all or 100m

Also, wouldn’t the Leopard 2a7V gunner zoom be more than 12x? it uses the same attica sight as the Puma, and as such should have 14.7x zoom instead

Puma uses a newer sight if I remember correctly, so no.

But overall yeah, if the game had digital zoom, we’d have 50x zoom.

After all i see it pretty much make sense why he act like that pointing out his poor performance for me nothing wrong it’s good since know they know the problem and they know where to fix
But well i guess i should stop now

ahh I see, Leopard uses Attica but the Puma uses Peri. My bad