JAS 39C to UK but not Sweden?

Welcome to USA getting the F15 while japan gets the J and Israel the C

Well USA have not been waiting 2 whole years for a new airframe more competitive than a Mig23…

Only to get screwed over by not even getting it’s flagship Gripen model, instead seeing it go to another nation.

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Thats really fair. It doesnt make it any less right for the US, but your point is 100% valid

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israel is also an A, the J is the C not the Baz

This is Gripen thread. If you want to complain about the F15 situation, create a new thread.

I sincerely hope we’re not having to wait for months to get the Gripen C. It’s bad enough if we don’t get it this update.

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gaijin will always do this, their standards are inconsistent as hell and sadly nothing we can do

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just give the C to all of them at one not A to sweden and C to other nations

either make UK wait till the update for sweden to also get the C or give it to sweden as well now


Instead of just giving sweden their own jet and giving the uk their own jet, they wont. They don’t want to add a jet that would even have a chance to be good against their RU or US vehicles.


Britain main here. This is insane. The assumption always was that the only reason Britain got the Gripen C is because Sweden had the Gripen C. In fact the assumption was that Britain would be fighting to get the Gripen C at all, and this situation being reversed.

So, there is absolutely no reason for Gripen C to be excluded from Sweden. Nor why the Gripen A has been added so late.


the flight performance as seen on the dev server is just wrong. it should be significantly worse and with that flight model its an 11.3

as the SAAF one never used ARH and they will get something else for ARH

Not significantly worse, Gripen is a tiny light fighter with extremely good aerodynamics, very very low wing loading and drag. TWR isn’t everything.


It’s actually insulting.


And also by “Next major update” (over 3 months out), the major tech trees will be even further ahead. Gripen C is already late to the party. Especially since it can’t carry Fox 1’s, only Fox 3’s which will be added together with all other nations.

Sweden really can never catch a break can they? Even after 2 years of waiting, being excluded from top tier in all of 2023, we’re still going to be 1-2 updates behind.


Gotcha! Thank you for the correction

Same for the F15.
Why is the Japanese tree getting the C, whilst the US is stuck with the A?
They’re gonna make us grind two F15s, because they will likely add the C in the AMRAAM update.
About the Gripen, we the Swedish players have waited almost a year for this thing. And we get the A?


Oh look UK is actually getting a decent plane after years of suffering…

Yeah guess who suffered as much as the uk. Oooh thats right sweden and yet you get the plane sweden was supposed to get

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