Lets talk about the state of Germany

No. PERI is the sight, ATTICA is the thermal camera.

2A7V uses PERI R17A3, Puma uses PERI RTWL if I remember correctly, or maybe PERI R17A4… not sure, would have to check.

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if i am right leo 2a7hu used the same sight as the Puma as well


Also not implemented yea

Yea, the Puma’s gunner sight is called EOTS iirc. The 2A7V’s is the EMES 15A2 with ATTICA GL.

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particularly since the reasoning was “armor is not final”

Sure, but thats irrelevant to if the armor is right or wrong, and NOT bug reporting it leads to more chances of the armor ending up as final…

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Better picture of the Gesamtwerk paragraph + second source from the 2A7V book.



They have to be doing this to 7V since they aren’t ready yet to go above 11.7.

What’s their excuse for the T-90M then and its 7m thick turret armor, 3m thick hull armor, and void shields to absorb spall to such a degree that DM53 can rip the seat out from under the gunner and commander and not even give the guys a skin rash?


Have no idea what they’re up to.
Seeing reports getting denied in a few minutes isn’t promising. Have anyone tried bug reporting stuff on T-90M ?


u mean the vehicle that cant be penetrated by HSVTL on the sides besides on the engin… yes that one definitly needs upgrades
And trying to prove it is weaker is very much possible as well

Turret CE protection reported:


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I was more asking if anyone tried bug reporting T-90M to make it worse, not better :D

I feel like the repeating pattern is that Escargot always over models Eastern bloc vehicles when they’re being created and under models western bloc vehicles. Then they later adjust during the dev season.

That’s at least my observation.

while we are at it, wanna remake this one for the 2A7V as well? Community Bug Reporting System

Eh, maybe later. I haven’t got the 2A7V to test how many shots it takes to knock off add-on armour after all.

wanna bet it didnt change yet? xD

It’s kinda obvious… if it was fixed, someone would come and say that in the report.

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Who should I belive about the Leopard 2a7V ? A random company that made a tank game, or the army of the nation that uses the tank?

The Bundeswehr website is kinda weird. It claims the 2A7V weighs 63,9t but they also claimed the 2A7 weighed 63,9t. You can clearly see the 2A7V should be heavier… I have no clue why it’s like that. I have seen multiple sources state the top speed to be 61km/h now and in my opinion it is probably correct.
The weight of 66,5t WITH the mine plate is also backed up by different reliable sources.
The modified gear ratios are still missing though.