Lets talk about the state of Germany

well so do i, thats why i got 30 day chatban ingame
just learned something again…^^
Not even trying to use chat at all
its useless anyways

Good thing i finished my ru grind better stick to the point and click nation
instead of bothering trying to play a nation that will get … from the other side of the map

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Thats pixel hunting, try different angles. Even the leopard 2a4 ricochets better than the 2a7v at the upper front plate.


i got three month the longest because i humiliate those KA-50 with AH MK1 and tell them to go eat **** lol
here some of my handiwork


@FurinaBestArchon @NoodleCup31 Tricckzter asjusted the bug report for the riccochet of the UFP

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I’ve talked to him in DM’s, might be why.

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Bro is just delaying so that when its “final” we get the PSO treatment.


I mean I didn’t have time to go 2A7V yet, cause as you can see I’m in a squad.
I have 4 aircraft to test.
Plus 10+ vehicles to check bugs for, including German vehicles.
Cause I do bug hunting on the dev server.

oh what he say?

It’s… DM’s, pretty obvious it’s not for sharing on a public forum, regardless of the content.

Then theres no need to make a noise when you cant really provide clear feedback based on actual good testing.


<.< definitly didnt to that before with information i received from Smin

I can pick perfect pixels like you do so please just stop embarassing yourself more.

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well guess for now it is waiting until we get a few patches into the Dev blog

Can you at least say if we should prepare torches and pitchforks?

Just saying I’m not the enemy.
Getting extremely upset over potential bugs on dev server isn’t going to help us report them.

There we go:


I say we all go to sleep and give them the benefit of the doubt that they maybe copied the bugged PSO hull model and hence the weakspots. Lets see what the next patches bring, but lets stay on our guard and make sure it doesnt release in a broken state, released vehicles tend to never be fixed before entire updates.

I know you are on our side, but trust me most of us have bad experience as we have seen from the PSO incident. So we are just tryna make sure it doesnt happen again.

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