Sweden should also get Gripen C

It’s bad screwing over a nation like this - similar to the MIG29G situation where Germany got the vastly better MIG29 instead of USSR

But doing it to a Nation that’s been waiting for 2 years and have nothing else? That’s a low blow.


I disagree that the 29smt is vastly inferior to the mig29g, at least the smt has advantages over the 29g. The ja39c is just better than the a.

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The SMT is a brick compared to the G

So is this gonna be the norm? Adding a new fighter and the country that literally made it always gets the worst variant? What about Italy? There’s literally no explanation on holding the Gripen C for Sweden (ITS COUNTRY OF ORIGIN), but giving it to the UK alone. Literally doing a complete copy paste to the Swedish tree would be way better than making its country of origin wait for its own goddamn plane, while the UK just gets the best one. Picture some random nation getting a F-16C before the US, that is literally what is happening right now with the C variant of the Gripen. AGAIN, There is absolutely no balancing factor influencing this, there’s no explanation other than this being a sick joke to Sweden.


Its also better in every other way?

That’d be all fine and dandy if you didn’t fall out of the sky like a rock at low speeds

The mig29g does too. Just slower to get to that point.

Ah yeah, let’s silence us now too. Why the hell not

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So does that mean Britain can get its Hunter F58 back and that Canadian Leopards can be added along side other canadian vehicle like the ADATS in the British TT

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If the hunter f58 should go to the british tree then the Canadian leos should stay in Germany by that logic

Ah Yes because demanding what has been promised us is equal to bein greedy right?

İts obvious you’re here to start a fight and derail this topic.


Dont drop to his level, leave it be.

İts not worth it.

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Yeah, let’s get back to topic. Sweden getting screwed over.


Hahaha this follow-up comment made my evening :D

still pisses me off that out of the 3 trees that could get the C gripen only one gets it, gaijins standards are so absurd, if a vehicle comes and multiple nations used then all of them should get that vehicle in the best model that is modeled and that they used

Here you go guys.
regarding @ЧВК_Вагнер


I don’t even play tanks and have no idea what you’re talking about. You’re just derailing this discussion, completely off-topic to “Sweden should also get Gripen C”
And you’re also taunting me in another thread regarding it. So yeah

Lets stay on topic guys.

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and after just getting the Mig-29G. Sweden and Britain have been left with 11.3s for an entire year. Both should get an equal upgrade to 12.3 after all that time. Sweden only getting a 12. When a 12.3 is being added. Kinda sucks

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Totally agree. They honestly should just give Sweden both. I have no issue with Britain getting one. It just makes no sense to exclude it from the country that made the jet.