Germany has no 10.4-11.3 tanks. Leo2A4 army of 10.3 is totally unbalanced when -1.0br

Yeah so what’s the logic with Germany not having any tanks between 10.4-11.3?

Germany as nation seems rather popular among players and Leo 2A4 at 10.3 is also rather popular, but not as popular as the gold version 2A4 PzBtl123 with same 10.3.

What happens is that when Leo2a4 costs 100SP at startup, it means the battle is 11.3. Then you see your team is 90% german players. So 90% of your team is 10.3 max (as there are no german tanks between 10.4-11.3). But as the enemy team in most cases contains russians so there are for example 11.3 T-72B3s on the other side with 580mm AP and way superior armor. Also US M1A1 is also a rather familiar sight. These -1.0br battles with german-majority 10.3 teams tend to end up in defeats time after time. Not so surprisingly, as the balance is nowhere to be seen. This can easily be noted when using these wagers suchs as “Achieve victory in battle” and somehow it seems impossible to get more than one with 3 battles. Even if I suck really bad, which is surely possible, it can’t be that our team is every time as bad as myself.

That’s just bullcrap. Fix the issue by giving Leo2A4 the DM33 shot it has in real life or then do some other modifications. It just makes no point playing battles where own team is entirely 10.3 and all enemies are 11.3.

As it is today, 100SP Leo2A4 at startup is a good indicator that it it time to exit the battle before it even starts. Alt-tabbing is more enjoyable than having all tanks destroyed in a completely un-even battle.


all the uptier are like this, tell the gaijin you dont like the gamematcher system we use now

no it’s not.

If you are say german 5.3 and find yourself in a battle of 6.3 it’s not that much of a unbalance, as your german team mates might have 5.7 and 6.3 tanks. So your team has all sorts of BRs involved. You got 5.3, but the tank spawning next to you is 6.3 and you fight the enemy together.

But in 11.3 every german is -1.0br as none of your team mates can have 10.4-11.3 tanks since there are no such for germany. So every german player on your side is 10.3 max, excluding aircraft though. And it is very common to have even 90% of the team german. So 90% of team is -1.0br and defeat is almost certain. The battle is ridiculously unbalanced. 90% of opposing team, being russians usually, is not 10.3 but these T-72B3 and T-90 instead. It becomes a battle of Leo2A4 army vs T-72B3 & T-90 army where the starting point is just a joke.

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oh seens you forgot the Leo2PL, and also, the planes will change your match BR too

Gaijin could simply add tanks like a 2A4 with c-tech armor and dm33 or an canadian 2A4M if necessary.


Or maybe…

Boom, 10.7

Half the problem fixed just like that.


i prefer give PL only DM23 and 33 and let it go to 11.0, the same BR as Type90, it has better thermal imager and better turret protection than Type90, as the blance of reloading time

Or just add the final version of the Leopard 2A4 in German service like people asked for…

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the ATD counts as leopard 2a4 right? xD

well… im not sure if the Leo2 with 120mmDM33 in BR10.7 is a good choice or not, but your word is still get a point i think

Both 2A4 and Ozelot can hold it’s own on uptiers, and you can always use Begleitpanzer for your light tank needs.

10.7 w/DM33 or 11.0 (w/DM43 then, cus M1A1 and M1IP exist there with 500mm+ of pen).

well… how about Type90? we can send her to 10.7 right? she will destory all the little children she saw :( its still a big problem that we only have BR11.7 in ground

And thats how the 2A4 goes to 10.7

A counter argument could maybe be T-90A but that thins gun handling is well kinda shit
Ariete (P) no armour slower and worse sights

Well not with a single tank

4s reload, much more mobile…?

It’s doing well enough against the M1A1 which would still be better than the 2A4(1991), why would the existence of the latter justify Type 90 going down in BR?

You forgot the ZTZ-99 and MBT-2000

oh yeah id like to just avoid recognising that tt exists

but yeah those have slightly better gun handling than the T-90A still worse gun handling than the 2A4

Yeah well one gold tank kind of doesn’t cut it. Also, planes surely affect the crew BR rating, but that also is not a valid excuse for why there are no tanks between 10.4-11.3.

Germany could use 2-3 tanks between 10.4-11.3. Since other nations have their supply so it would not be just one german Leo2A4 and after that its Begleitpanzer or something.

I wonder what the russian players would say if Gajin would make some Super Leopard at BR 12.7. Make it have 1200mm of armor and 980mm armor penetration. Then Russia or any other nation doesn’t have their 12.7 at all so have fun in the match making with russian 11.7 tanks, as they would face 12.7 2/3 of the battles. Somehow I doubt that would happen. The situation with german 10.3 is exactly like that now.

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This is when germany plays 11.3. Entire team is 10.3 and almost every time loses totally. No wonder, as enemy team has way more powerful tanks.

This is just bullshit. I shall keep on disconnecting every battle like this for as long as it takes for someone to fix this.

Germany needs tanks between 10.4-11.3.