Leopard 2 SG: Punching Above It's Weight

[Do you want to see the Leopard 2 SG in game?]
  • Yes, for Germany.
  • Yes, for Britain. (Singapore is a part of the Commonwealth)
  • No, never.
  • I don’t know.
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Leopard 2 SG

Leopard 2 SG with upgraded COAPS Commander Thermal Camera

Leopard 2 SG with PERI R-17 Commander Night Vision Optics

Leopard 2A4 (SG) with the only difference being a different coaxial

About this vehicle

During the early 2000s, the Singapore Armed Forces were looking into replacing Singapore’s AMX-13 named “SM-1” tanks, which were in service since 1969 as part of the founding of the 41st Singapore Armoured Regiment. The move to replace the AMX-13s came about after Malaysia was finalising orders to acquired Polish modified T-72s, named “PT-91”, which would then be further modified for Malaysian terrains, known as “PT-91M”. Singapore then turned towards Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) and the Bundeswehr to purchase excess Leopard 2A4s, which had been in storage, replaced by better variants of the Leopard 2s. In 2006, a year before Malaysia started delivery of their MBTs, 96 2A4s were ordered and taken delivery to Singapore. Modernisation works started in 2010, with upgrade package taken from IBD Deisenroth Engineering, opting for the Advanced Modular Armour Protection Kit (AMAP). Further upgrades in 2016 included better FCS and a whole new Commander Thermal Camera system, with further purchases made in the years to come.

The machine has undergone the following changes:

  1. mounted hinged composite armor, significantly improving protection against certain types of ammunition, increased kinetic and ballistic protection on the turret and frontal hull, increased shaped charge protection on the side hull;
  2. cameras were installed to improve visibility for the driver and a new surveillance system for the crew;
  3. the L/44 gun was modernized, which allows the tank to use new, more powerful shells;
  4. coaxial MG3 replaced with coaxial FN MAGs;
  5. night vision commander optics (PERI R17) replaced with commander thermal camera (COAPS) by ST Electronics, technology licensed from Elbit System, Istar. (Same system used on in game TAM 2C, gen 3 thermals
  6. upgraded gunner optics locally by ST Electronics (in game gen 2 thermals)

Current Leopard 2 SG, 2019 Mobile Column

Mismatched Leopard 2 variants in 2010 Mobile Column


The Leopard 2 SG modification differs from the Leopard 2A6 version with a gun, since the 2A6 is armed with an Rh 120 L/55 gun. However, thanks to the modernisation of the guns, the Rh 120 L/44 was able to fire with new, more powerful shells, and as a result the overall firepower of the tank increased. However, the gun was modified by Rheinmetall to ensure compatibility with recently developed high-pressure ammunition, such as the DM11 programmable explosive ammunition and the powerful armor-piercing bullets like the DM53 and DM63. The gun is manually loaded by a loader. A total of 42 rounds can be loaded up into the tank. 15 rounds are stored in the first stage ammo stowage. The remaining rounds are stored on the frontal hull of the tank. Turret stowage is separated from the fighting compartment and has blowout panels. Secondary armament consists of a coaxial FN MAG 7.62 mm machine gun. On the roof of the turret is another FN MAG.


The Advanced Modular Armour Protection Kit (AMAP), developed by the German company IBD Deisenroth , was adopted to the entire tank. The add on armour provides a higher level of protection against a wide range of threats. The Leopard 2 SG turret provides similar protection as the Leopard 2A5, as AMAP-B (Advanced Modular Armour Protection - Ballistic) was chosen. As for the hull, AMAP-B was also chosen to combat against IFVs, infantry fire and RPGs. The rear engine deck is protected by slat armour.

The Leopard 2 SG weighs a staggering total of 58.7 tons, compared to 56.6 tons of the original Leopard 2A4. Almost 2.1 tons of extra armor was added to the turret and hull.


Leopard 2 PL equipped with AMAP-B during the Polish trials (same armour as the Leopard 2 SG)


Official brochure of the AMAP kit

Leopard 2A4 Revolution kit.rar (962.8 KB)

Equipment and instruments

The 2016 variant has an improved commander system developed by Elbit Systems and was locally built by ST Electronics under a license, while the 2010 variant retained the Night Vision Optics. The driver retained the same night vision sight as the 2A4 for night driving. The FCS system was further upgraded by ST Electronics (gen 2 thermals for in game context). (tag)


COAPS by Elbit Systems.rar (119.0 KB)


The Leopard 2 SG retains the same engine used by every other Leopard 2 variants produced by KMW. It is powered by a turbocharged MTU MB-837 KA-501 diesel engine starting at 1,500 hp. 250150240_mtuengine.thumb.jpg.f5583e16c9
Leopard 2 engine showcased

Performance Characteristics:

Dimensions and Weight:

Weight - 58.7t
Length (gun forward) - 9.67 m
Case length - 7.72+ m
Width - 3.7+ m
Height - 2.48 m


Main gun - 120 mm smoothbore gun
Machine gun - 2 x 7.62 mm
Main gun elevation - From - 9 to + 20 degrees

Main gun - 42 shells

Machine gun - 4 750 x 7.62 mm


Engine - MTU MB-837 Ka501 diesel
Engine power - 1500hp
Maximum road speed - officially 68km/h

Specification Shown:


Slope - 60%
Side slope - 30%
Vertical step - 1.15 m
Pit - 3 m
Broad - 1 m
Fording (with preparation) - 4 m


linked beside each technical data

Tank presentation


please fix some sources as they are linked to the old fourm :)


sources fixed, pdf has been added into winrar files cuz this new forum doesnt support pdf

I guess Leopard 2SG could add to rank 8 to british tech tree under Vickers Mk.7 or singapore as part of the ANZAC (Australian & New Zealand)


idk why britain is an option, singapore bought it from germny not britian. and the commonwealth isnt even like NATO, it has no irl standing.
why give a chance for the german players to get even more angry than they already are?
like literally we are on the brink of another [REDACTED]


FR export vehicles like this could perfectly fit after the leo 2k and additionally this line should see some prototypes whereas operated vehicles should sit after the leo 2a5 etc.


the SG has realy no business being in the UK tree


@Armen_Lozone @x_Shini Personally I don’t mind either, Germany getting another Leo 2 is always nice but Gaijin on the Bhishma devblog has specifically stated they want to expand Britain with more Commonwealth equipment in the future, so anything is possible


The australian abrams and canadian leopard show their stand, adding more commonwealth vehicles can mean anything. But UK realy doesnt need mbts from 3 or even 4 diferent main nations. Something like the australian redback would make sense to give UK since their is not much south korean representation


Like you and I state, anything is possible so we’ll just wait and see how it goes, I just want this bad girl to be in game :p

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btw the official designation of the upgraded cannon is L/44A1 but you would need to find some source it uses the stronger ammunition

will see how gajin will add it stuff their is still some unique Indian stuff to add

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I could probably get some inquires during the next Army Open House, assuming there’s one this year

Edit: found a picture i took during 2022 Army Open House

No clue what round it is but if someone can measure the penetrator it’ll probably be a good guess of what it is, but it is clear that it’s a modern APFSDS of sort, I’m just not sure if it’s German or Israeli

Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.

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