KNDS EMBT (2022) - The Futuristic Leopard for Europe

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KNDS EMBT (2022) - The Futuristic Leopard for Europe


Hi and welcome to my 23th suggestion, which is about the EMBT from 2022, hope you like it. :popcorn:

Disclaimer: This suggestions exists twice (France and Germany), as we are not allowed to tag two Nations in one Suggestion.

First of all:

  • This is a suggestion for a Vehicle we could see in game at some point in the Future , that doesn´t mean next Patch or somewhere in the near Future
  • Feel free to share more Information and / or correct me if something is wrong
  • Discuss respectfully, any aggressive kind or verbal abuse will be reported, the Forum rules also apply here

Basic Background

At the Eurosatory 2018, KNDS showcased the Euro Main Battle Tank (EMBT), a technological concept based on a Leopard 2A7V chassis and the turret of the Leclerc tank. This display signaled the intention to replace both the Leopard 2 and Leclerc tanks with a new unified Euro tank. Following this, in June 2018, the Defense Ministers of Germany (Ursula von der Leyen) and France (Florence Parly) signed an agreement for arms cooperation on the Main Ground Combat System (MGCS), with a formal joint agreement signed in April 2020. The MGCS project involves a 50-50 cost-sharing arrangement between Germany and France, with German leadership in development. An initial two-year study phase was initiated.
To facilitate the project, a working group called ARGE, comprising KMW, Nexter, and Rheinmetall, was established in 2019 under German law. This group embarked on an 18-month project, called the System Architecture Definition Study - Part 1 (SADS Part 1), aimed at creating an initial architecture study. The goal of these efforts is expected to result in an overall system demonstrator between 2024 and 2028.
KNDS introduced a new vastly improved EMBT, unveiled on Eurostory 2022.

The EMBT (2022) Overall

The Enhanced Main Battle Tank (EMBT) (2022) is a collaborative endeavor between two prominent tank developers: France’s Nexter and Germany’s KMW. They aim to create a standardized tank, also named the European Main Battle Tank (EMBT), for their respective countries and possibly for other European allies. This collaborative effort draws parallels to a previous attempt in the 1960s to create a joint tank, which ultimately resulted in the successful AMX 30 and Leopard 1 tanks after France and Germany pursued separate projects.
The previous EMBT introduced in 2018, has undergone significant advancements. It was a fusion of the Leopard 2A7V chassis and the Leclerc S2 turret, somewhat of a hybrid tank. However, the 2022 EMBT model unveiled at EuroSatory features an entirely new turret design. While trading some armor thickness for advanced active and passive protection technologies, the tank benefits from additional protection on the frontal arc of the Leopard 2A7V chassis. The enhancements include the Trophy active protection system (APS), real-time communication with UAVs, sound detection capabilities, an armed commander’s sight, a supplementary 30mm turret, and various other advanced features aimed at improving protection and firepower. The EMBT was recently unveiled at Eurosatory and is planned to potentially receive larger caliber main guns in the future.

Though not explicitly mentioned, the main gun is likely similar the CN-120 F1 found in the Leclerc MBT. This assumption is based on its description as a NATO 120mm L/52 gun, consistent with the CN-120 F1. With work on the hull by KMW and the turret by Nexter, the French origin of the main gun seems likely. The gun offers solid performance with a variety of ammunition, boasting a fully automatic loading system akin to that of the Leclerc.
Additiopnally, the EMBT features a 12.7mm coaxial machine gun with 680 rounds for infantry engagement in urban conditions. The commander’s sight includes a 7.62mm LMG with 800 rounds, enhancing close-quarters defense. An innovative addition to the tanks is the remote-controlled ARX30 30mm auto-cannon turret mounted on the main turret. Armed with 150 rounds, this turret enables engagement of low-flying aircraft, lightly armored vehicles, and elevated infantry positions common in urban combat scenarios.

Although the EMBT sacrifices some mobility due to its increased weight compared to the Leclerc, its 1500 hp engine maintains a respectable power-to-weight ratio. With a top speed of 65 km/h and weighing 61.5 tonnes, the EMBT’s mobility remains competitive in the MBT category. It exhibits a power/weight ratio of 24.39, ensuring satisfactory performance despite its weight increase.
The EMBT’s crew consists of four members: two in the hull (driver and system operator) and two in the turret (commander and gunner). As the EMBT’s development progresses, future stages may introduce larger main guns and other enhancements.

Thanks for your time, hope you liked it :salute:
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With the ongoing purchasing of the German government (Leo 2A8 and 2AX) I fail to see how this vehicle would end up in the German tech tree


Germany is taking part in the development of this vehicle, I would say it’s pretty logical that they would get it. The chassis is also that of a Leopard 2A7 if I’m not mistaken


Yes they did take part in the development through the knds partnership but as of now they’re more willing to buy 100% nationality built program. And sell more Leo 2AX to other country than selling and buying this one.
To me it would have more sense as a premium or not to be in German tree

That’s just my opinion based on current politics and the facts that this tank has more chance to end up in french army alone.

because the EMBT project still needs years until it is finished, but this tanks should be in german tree as well


MGCS will take years to be finished
EMBT for now was shown as an operative demonstrator just like the KF-51 I’m not sure that we are that far from an operational tank.

Again that is just my opinion Gaijin will be the sole judge in the end

yes, but with gajins recent stand on development vehicles, if any country adopts the KF51 , germany properbly will not get it, the EMBT will be a future addition for france and germany

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By the same logic France will probably adopt the EMBT while Germany will probably stick to the leopard 2A8 and future 2AX 🤣

if they do, it will be very sad, because that is no real upgrade lol, it by far hasnt reached new gen standard and they would rely on an old leo hull

That’s sad yes but German government is less and less encline to follow the program, Rheinmetall is actually destroying the program from the inside to make room for the KF-51… French army will have to retire the Leclerc without any other solution than the EMBT, maybe they’ll have the opportunity to buy newer leopard hull to fit them with the turret which is a french design

The EMBT is nothing else then a Leclerc turret on a leo hull, it is no replacemtn, they can just as well stay with normal leclercs then.

Besides that france is just as much fault for the way of the project, france got the lead for the FCAS project and germany was supposed to be the lead for the MGCS but still wants to force in their 140mm cannon etc and are hindering the project itself

Fact is the Leopard is way more succesful then the Leclerc and france might want to stick to german lead, but they arent doing that

Well we’re going off topic

Just to summarize both project were supposed to be divided to 50% for each country knds on it’s own was capable to deliver a fully functional tank(canon+turret for the old nexter and hull from old kmw) but then Rheinmetall did some lobbying to have their share on the project while they had nothing to do with it a the beginning. Rheinmetall is more about how they can slow even more the project so they can try to sell more their KF-51

Now french side wants to include Leonardo so they can regain control …

Problems are quite similar with FCAS sometimes it’s the french administration that make dumb decision sometimes it’s the German one and both we’ll have nothing in the end.

not realy we are discussing the development progress of the EMBT project.

But still doesnt change that specialy because of that french was given lead of the plane project and germany was for ground but they arent holding to that.

And either way france wouldnt adopt this EMBT 2022, it literaly would have no new technology, it is only a show of project of cooperation

The same way MBT/KPZ-70 went for both U.S and Germany, KNDS EMBT perfectly could as well go to both Germany and France!


I think this and the 2018 model fit better for France than Germany, as Germany has various Leo 2s and many KF41 and 51 variants for future MBTs, while AFAIK France doesn’t have anything else. It’s similar to the Vickers Mk 7 for example.

its a shared project, there is no problem giving them to both nations lol
Besides that it isnt relevant what germany can get, look at US and their X top tier aircraft, you saying they shouldnt have gottem them either?


Well operating a vehicle is different than just assisting in its development; all nations that operated a vehicle in significant numbers should receive that vehicle (unless it’s completely redundant, like Britain getting as many Shermans as the US or immediate post-war East German WWII Soviet vehicles). With joint development programs like this both is good, but France in this situation should get priority and (IMO) comparable wholly German designs should be added before a German copy of this. Unless Gaijin doesn’t have the time, manpower, etc. to model both ofc, then easy copy-paste is ok.

In other words, France should 100% get this a they will eventually need it as top tier continues to advance. Germany can too, but I’d like a 2A8, 2A7+, KF41 120, KF51 120, etc instead as they’re more interesting and unique.

And of course Germany would be extremely unlikely to receive both in the same update as two top MBTs in one update would make that lineup dominant, that’s why gaijin does 1 each at most.

France doesnt have operate it either and france doesnt need priority on it either. Literaly just add them to both nations, there is no problem if they would add them to germany as well. There is no argument like the KF41 that it is only in service in Hungary and those receiving it. It is a shared development and should be added to both nations, just like typhoon and FCAS are shared projects and will be added to all nations at the same time.

Gajin doesnt even ahve the resources to model the 2A7 right, and either it doesnt matter, just give them to both nations.

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You are aware that is the same situation Britain and Germany have in air right now, the answer to that is to shut up about it, if the nations didnt develop anything else its their problem and as a result have giant gaps in their trees.

Just because france was to stupid to buy /develop other tanks doesnt mean germany needs to suffer for it.
EMBT is not french alone, but german and french. And should be added to both nations, just like germany was promised another KF41 variant in the future. But the EMBT is a tech demonstrator with no other version and will be added copy paste to both nations, there is a good reason as well for it.
It will have slightly different gameplay compared to the leopards. And will be a slightly more unique addition to germany in quite a while considering everyone and his mother is getting leopards or demanding them in the future