Next patch and beyond wishlist(Everything except Tech Trees)

That is the Leopard 2A8

It’s the EMBT

AMRAAMs. Since the 27ER is in the game, the AIM-120B should be as well.



French Navy Westland WG-13 Lynx Mk.2!

Because the Nord AS-12 is now ingame on the Westland Wasp!
9 km Range!

The french WG-13 Lynx Mk.2 can carry up to 4 AS-12 missiles!

Support its Addition!



this is the EMBT

Enhanced (or European) Main Battle Tank

basically a leopard 2 hull with a leclerc turret heavily redesigned : it has an APS (trophy i think) and a few more sensors

believe it or not, but this is the modified version of this :

There are 2 suggestion thread to it (one for germany, one for france) :

French suggestion

German suggestion


They are 2 versions of the EMBT…
And the one shown earlier is also an EMBT revealed in the 2022 EuroSatory to “fight back” against the Kf-51

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I’m just saying, adding Ukraine as a subtree to the USSR would be shortsighted even from a purely gameplay standpoint…
The tree is already one of if not the largest in game, so there would be extra “bloat”.
Furthermore, Ukrainian vehicles would be very competitive in some aspects.
So having them in the same nation as one of the best top tier nations would be catastrophic.
Try fighting a nation with a T-90A, T-72B3, T-80BVM, T-80U, T-84U/M/T, T-64BM Bulat… T-72MP…
Not even mentioning the datamined T-90M or others.
All competitive systems with modern rounds, electronics, power packs and mobility, and great ERA to defeat kinetic rounds.


yup, second picture is EMBT 2020
First one is EMBT 2022

Maybe there will be EMBT 2024 with some new gun (ASCALON ? One can dream)

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(Off topic) but the thing I hope the most is an update with only vehicles for minor nations just to see German/USSR/USA cry for once


AAM-3 for EJ Kai


I agree with that.USSR doesnt need any sub tree but the thing is Ukrainian vehicles are very similar to USSR vehicles.Most of those vehicles dont have any connections with other nations.So adding them in a different tree would be a difficult task.

Looks like a leclerc

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Maybe consider just not adding Ukraine to the game at all

Putting a Ukrainian ground tree anywhere would create issues with them currently using the T-90M, Leopard 2A6, Strv 122, Challenger 2 and M1A1.

And a Ukrainian air tree currently just contains Soviet aircraft which wouldn’t bring anything to the game.

It makes no sense from a gameplay perspective to bring Ukraine into the game and from a real world perspective putting Ukraine into the Russian tree would just be insulting.

The most popular Ukraine ground forces suggestion currently does not include captured vehicles from the current “situation”, rightfully so, and does not have many bloat type donated vehicles.
And even so, there is contention for the single unmodified Leopard 2A6 in the tree.
It has no challengers, abrams, one standard 2A6, and one K-1 modified 2A4.

Not to mention the tree is a work in progress.

I agree that the Ukrainian air tree currently shouldn’t be added without much deeper thought into what it could use.
But it could be a very capable force without donated vehicles. It would be silly to include them anyway.
No reason to play Sweden or America if Gripens and F-16s come along (in the current setting, don’t tell me about the F-15/18 because that isn’t relevant)

It operated/operates many soviet era jets, as well as modern trainers/light aircraft which could make up gaps. But it requires serious thought.

There is much reason to add Ukraine to the game, as another capable, and interesting, tech tree for players to enjoy.
Not even mentioning the amount of Ukrainian players in warthunder.
A game without content is a dead game. And frankly, we might run out of content soon if we just progress forward into 4++ jets. The jump from the F-16A to F-16C/D, and likewise in the MiG-29s was already crazy.

There isn’t that much left to add for ground forces, if we strictly look at moving forward.
Certainly not enough for 2-3 years ahead.

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The issue with that is that most of the big providers of new military equipment are already in the game, Ukraine doesn’t really add too much “new” content on it’s own, just reskins of stuff already in or coming to the game.

War Thunder has a limited amount of content that can be added and when that runs out adding new nations wont really fix it.

If we want to avoid tech trees ballooning then Ukraine is not the way to go, the Soviets already have one of the biggest tech trees in the game so there is only reasonably room for one subtree and personally I think India makes a lot more sense, they have a lot of Soviet equipment and close military procurement ties with Russia but they also have some unique vehicles that are only found in India.

To me Ukraine would just feel like tech tree bloat and 95% of the Ukrainian tech tree could be added as camo options for aircraft already in or coming to the game.

What I mean by “a game without content is a dead game” is that
Warthunder is an enjoyable game. We can all agree, otherwise we wouldn’t be here. But is not an unmissable classic that would be played years into the future without any new content or support, like say, Titanfall 2 or the other TF2.
We all know how boring it can get in the middle of the update cycle.
Just got a new update, maybe a month ago, familiarised yourself with the new vehicles, maybe played them and enjoyed them.
Or maybe you thought it was a bad update.
But you can’t wait for the next update which maybe finally has that vehicle you wanted, or just something new. Because the current game gets stale and boring easily.

And so, currently, this game is not in a massively re playable state with the mission types and content is the only thing most of us look forward to.

But I simply can’t agree, because Ukraine, always having a strong arms development industry, has developed new vehicles.
Seperate from soviet era chassis, and ideas in some areas. But, there are only so many ways you can design a wheeled IFV/APC, for example.

You are also brushing over the significant issue that in Ukraine’s 30 year history as an independent nation it’s only conflicts have been with Russia.

You can claim the ROC and PRC are in a similar situation but they both claim to be the one true “China” which make them both being in the Chinese tech tree make sense despite the history between the two.

Ukraine on the other hand is a completely independent sovereign state, not claiming to be Russia, so putting them into a tech tree with the only country they’ve ever been in arms against is just a terrible idea.

Instead of that make a Polish/Ukrainian tech tree. That would make a lot more sense politically, would avoid inflating the Soviet tech tree and would introduce Poland to the game too which is another country that people have been asking for for a long long time.

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The Turkish M62 with MZK Turret