Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 2)

Yes, but is it kh29TE or just kh29T?

It’s hard too tell, but my guess is TE, as the pain in it implies a more modern variant, and I would expect china too buy new Kh-29’s anyways, not old outdated variants from cold war storage


i heard that is TE

I’m hoping for rank VIII ground in december. Although at this point I’m not sure if I’m still inhaling hopium or moved on to the copium already.

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“The SAPSAN-E can guide the laser-cued version of the Region Bureau’s KAB-1500, a massive 1,500kg TV-guided bomb that comes in FAE and deep-penetrating versions. An unidentified version of this bomb along with about 2,000 Kh-29 short-range attack missiles were acquired by the PLAAF in 2002… weapon package likely includes: the 160km range Kh-59M TV-guided missile… the 12km range Kh-29T TV-guided missile; and a range of laser and TV-guided bombs.”

Source isn’t perfect, it’s a quote from: Gertz , Bill (1 July 2002 ), "China test-fires new air-to-air missile; Taiwan likely to get upgraded arms", The Washington Times , p. A1

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By the looks of it rank 8 for Ground will happen with the leaks and the info we have right now.

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Seems consistent with photo evidence, plus it makes since. If China is already operating modern Russian weapon systems, why not make sure Domestic planes like the Jh-7 are also compatible with them. Be cool if the war thunder devs saw it that way too

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Wouldn’t the MiG-29SMT also have access to the Sapsan?

Attention all china players, the JH-7A is at risk of not coming too the game with its most competitive loadout, so it it’s up too y’all too get these reports in so we can hopefully have it in the game with some actual air too surface missles!


Good luck china players, rarely does a late-term suggestion go through


im just hopeful that beacuse the Kh-29 is already in game, that we can at least hope too see that present on the Jh-7A. Im just still quiet disappointed that they would add the plane without its most interesting air too ground options in the first place.

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Honestly they probably werent even aware of it. It seems obscure.

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If they actually give USA a T90A I am going to be not happy

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It was in Olivia’s leak and she is 100% on most things plus Britain just got a Indian T-90 so I wouldn’t put it past them.

Next up Iranian F14 for USSR, captured (purchased) SU-27 and MiG29 for USA, and a whole bunch of other BS

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No Iranian F-14 for Britain :)

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LMAO they did say UK was getting something next patch…

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i mean, they had too go out of their way too reserch and model the plane right? So i imagine they would of had too of know about at least some of its air too surface missiles, and yet they dont even both mentioning if any of these will ever come in the future.

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We suffered unfairly for far too long for a basic good fighter not meta just a good one.
Do we need this :)