Kfir 2000 - The Kfir C.10's older brother

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G’day once again lads. I’ve seen that Israel lacks aircraft by a considerable amount, hence why I’m suggesting a vehicle for Israel’s air tech tree, which would be the Kfir 2000!




The Kfir 2000 is a modernized version of the original IAI Kfir, a combat aircraft developed by Israel Aerospace Industries. It’s also sometimes known as the Kfir C.10 or Kfir CE (Ecuador C.10) because this prototype is essentially the early variant of the Kfir C.10. This updated model boasts several enhancements that significantly improve its performance and capabilities compared to your usual earlier Kfir’s.

One of the biggest improvements of the Kfir 2000 is the incorporation of the Elta EL/M-2032 radar. This advanced radar system greatly improves the aircraft’s ability to detect and track targets. So yes, you finally don’t have a radar rangefinder anymore but a useful radar! In addition to this, the Kfir 2000 is equipped with a Helmet-Mounted Display (HMD) and two 127x177mm Multi-Function Displays (MFDs), providing the pilot with critical flight and combat information. Something important to note is that the radar gives it the ability to fire the Derby missile, aswell as the Python-4 (technically Python-5 too, but it wasn’t available at the time), and of course older missiles like the Python-3. The Kfir 2000 maintains the single-engine, single-seat configuration of its predecessor, but it also features a more powerful engine, larger air intakes for the engine, a lengthened nose, and a redesigned cockpit. It also includes Israeli avionics and systems, and a unique air inlet at the lower front end of the fin.


The aircraft’s performance specs are similar to the former Kfir variants, with a top speed of 2445 km/h, a service ceiling of 17,678 m, and a range of 770 km. These features, along with its advanced avionics and systems, make the Kfir 2000 a formidable aircraft in modern aerial combat.

The Kfir 2000 has seen export success, with countries like Ecuador upgrading their existing Kfir fleets to the Kfir 2000 standard. The Kfir-2000 continues to serve as a reliable and effective front-line fighter in several air forces around the world, except now it’s named like i previously said the Kfir C.10/CE.




In the late 1990s, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) embarked on a project to upgrade the Kfir aircraft for export. This led to the creation of the Kfir 2000, available in two versions - C10 and C12. The C10 was equipped with an advanced ELTA-2032 radar system capable of detecting and tracking air, ground, and sea targets, and guiding weapon systems. The C12, on the other hand, had a radio range station in place of the full-fledged radar, similar to earlier C2 and C7 models.

The Kfir 2000 was a formidable aircraft, armed with modern RAFAEL air-to-air missiles from the Python and Derby families. It was capable of supersonic interception and retained its strike capabilities, able to launch precision weapons day and night. The aircraft also had an air refueling system, extending its operational radius and air time.


In 1999, Ecuador signed a contract for two Kfir 2000 aircraft, known as Kfir CE, and upgraded their existing Kfir fleet to the C2/C10 standard. Despite its origins in a design from the 1960s, the Kfir 2000 remains a capable fighter aircraft due to these continuous upgrades. Infact, the Kfir 2000 shown at the very start with the number 914 prototype was sold to Ecuador as the Kfir CE!



Above is a rare photo of a Kfir 2000 that was photographed during a factory test flight, even before painting in the colors of the customer. Something special is that it can be seen having a LITENING pod, which means the guided weapons (which will I’ll talk about later in the suggestion) can be guided by the aircraft itself!



2 DEFA 553 30mm cannons

Up to 4 Python 3/4 or 2 (perhaps even 4) Derby’s

All the former unguided bombs the older Kfir variants could carry

Guided bombs like the Paveway series and Griffin series with LITENING to guide them





^ This is the Columbian C.10, which as i mentioned above is pretty much an advanced Kfir 2000, as you can see it can carry Paveways, and considering the Kfir 2000 had LITENING, it could most likely carry them too.



In terms of specs, the Kfir 2000 weights 7.285kg empty with a max takeoff weight of 16.200kg.
It features a wingspan of 8,22m, a wing area of 34,8m², the length of 15,65m and lastly a heigth of 4,55m, however, it is important to note that these could be bigger because of the new additions that were given to the Kfir 2000! Like all fighter variants of the Kfir, it can only carry a single crewmember. Powering this aircraft is your usual General Electric J79-J1E, giving it the engine power of 52,9 dry and with afterburner 83,4 kN aka 11900 dry and 18750 lbf with afterburner. As i said before, this gives it the speed of 2445 km/h, a service ceiling of 17,678 m, and a range of 770 km. It features normal countermeasures like flares (of course), a ballistic computer and an RWR.



F-21 Kfir/Kfir Block 60 Fighter Jet | Thai Military and Asian Region

Israel Aircraft Industries Kfir CE - Ecuador - Air Force | Aviation Photo #1822617 | Airliners.net

In heaven and on earth. Part of 4. Instead of an epilogue

Griffin laser-guided bomb (LGB) system (Israel) - Jane's Air-Launched Weapons


אנציקלופדיה יפעת - Page 1410

Thanks a lot for reading! If you have any extra information about the Kfir 2000, then feel free to share them in the replies, as information is quite scarce on it! As always, have a good day :)


I remember reading up on the Kfir C.10s awhile back and being so sad that there wasn’t any in Israeli service, but only a few (or one) owned by IAI. At the time I thought that wouldn’t be enough for gaijin to implement it, and that we would just have to hold out hope we see it as either a premium or squadron vehicle from one of the nations that operated it. But well, times change, and it seems this is more than enough for it to be added!

Want to be the first guy to say, you have a major +1 from me!

However, I do have a question or two for you if you don’t mind, seeing as you’ve done far more research than I have:
1: are you sure it can only carry 4 missiles in total?
I believe there are two more hard points they can be mounted on (near/below the cannons), but I don’t know if one has ever been seen with all 6 or if there’s proof of one being able to operate/use all 6. I’ll see if I can find some pics and such and I’ll edit them into this post. Or attach them after if I find them after you’ve replied.
2: still the standard low amount of total countermeasures I’m assuming? Hopefully they give the thing single pop for chaff and flares as I don’t think it’s BOL capable, but could be wrong on that last note.
3: is it capable of carrying Israeli made LGBs, and what’s the largest amount of LGBs it can carry in total if say, you wanted to take out the largest number of targets and get the most kills :DDD?

Might have some other questions in the future, but these are the main ones I have off the top of my head. I hope you have an awesome day and thank you for taking the time to make such a wonderful suggestion for an awesome plane! <3

  1. OH HELL YOU JUST REMINDED ME, yes it can carry 6 missiles, thing is I couldn’t find it in my folders, thank you for reminding me, ill edit it to 6 soon


  1. From what I can see, it’s still your usual 36 CM’s. I couldn’t find any images of it carry any extra.

  2. It can carry the IL Griffin laser guided bomb kit. It might also be able to carry SPICE (atleast the C.10 does). Aside from that, the most amount of laser guided bombs it could carry might be around 3.





Bad news, I believe the first photo is a photoshop, I fell for it too actually a while back, luckily someone noticed and informed me. I remember digging it up from a thread in the old forums. However this was the only other photo in my memory and, well looking at it now, it may also be a second one I fell for. Can’t quite tell…


Hm I see, then ill still keep it at 4 until more clear info is found, thanks for the heads up!


so the pylon that can hold the litening II can also hold the derby/python missiles

I have a feeling it is indeed a max of 4 unfortunately, as the ability to carry an extra 2 and the ability to now mount 2 more rails would likely have been documented and listed. Either way, those 4 missiles are probably going to be more than enough if we get reduced match sizes, as those missiles are quite potent, and more than likely to get the kill if fired correctly. Fingers crossed the possibility to carry more is true, since that’s what the meta currently favors. However, it sadly doesn’t seem that way, but I have a feeling it will still be a fun and favorable addition to the tree either way.

Also Sidenote, now that I think about it… are they gonna make us stock grind this thing with the Python 3… oh dear god…

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Possibly, but the image is the only proof of this, and the extra derby looks quite similar to the other derby shown in the same image (which makes me think possibly photoshop)

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Oh and didn’t quite answer his well enough so don’t mind the second notification for a reply, just making sure ya see this since you already hearted my reply and might not check here again:

its on the same hard point, but the image appears to show the pylon below it is the same as all sidewinders, derbys and pythons are compatible with. According to a quick goggle search, it’s probably the LAU-128 rail, which we still have yet to find any proof said rail can be mounted and fitted there, but fingers crossed we do! (But again, in the image, it looks almost identical to the other Derby in the image, which makes me think it’s just a copy paste photoshop :((( )


Is this version the same as the Colombian Kfir C.10 or is it another version that was in Israeli service? because I see that you shared photos of the Colombian

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A tldr of it would be that its just an early C.10. Biggest difference would just be it not being able to carry Python 5, as it didnt exist at the time from what i know.

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Another lovely Mirage/Kfir variant to hopefully look forward to.


The fact that Israel makes them should be enough for it to be in the Israeli TT.


I would think so, but sometimes gaijin doesn’t care and just adds vehicles to some trees so they have grinders or spot fillers. Especially when it comes to sub trees, doesn’t matter who had the biggest role in the history of the vehicle, just goes to the main tree that hosts the sub tree.
Looking at you South Africa with your cheetahs (TMsoon, we all know gaijin and that it’s gonna happen) with derbys and pythons, and gripen with derbys, i mean cough cough R-Darter