K-17 Bumerang: The Wheeled Kurganets

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125px-Flag_of_Russia_svg.png.cc1107743f2 K-17 Bumerang: The Wheeled Kurganets


K-17 Bumerang during a Military Parade rehearsal.


K-17 Bumerang during a Military Parade rehearsal. Note the waterjets allowing for Amphibious capabilities.




K-17 alternate camouflage.


Commander Station.


Gunner Station.


Squad display console for situational awareness.


Bumerang-BM Turret w/ Afghanit Active Protection System.


Bumerang-BM turret cutout.


UBR11 30mm APFSDS round.


Kornet ATGM’s.


K-18 Bumerang interior. Note the 8-passenger seats for troop movement.


The K-17 featuring a BMP-2M turret including the Smoke Grenades and Grenade Launcher.

Boomerang 8x8 Unified Combat Platform - YouTube

K-17 Boomerang Firing 2 ATGM on a Tank..... - YouTube

Videos of K-17 Bumerang firing ATGM’s.

ACTIVE PROTECTION vs APFSDS | Explosively Formed Penetrator vs APFSDS | Afghanit APS - YouTube

Video of Afghanit Active Protection System Capabilities versus APFSDS rounds.

+1 but not without ammo that is unknown to have been fired from it.

Its a frustrating and slippery slope. Russia has been catered to in the past with the BMP-2M. Gaijin has already stated they will not add the CIWS HVAP to the M163, and same goes for other vehicles. I am all for it if Gaijin is willing to open the door on other nations, but as of right now that seems unfair, unless there is solid information the ammunition was used

The round is expected to be adopted for this platform, however, the 3UBR6 APBC-T and (in lesser cases) the 3UBR8 APDS are a lot more widely used in the RGF. There was also problems with the 2A42 autocannon in firing the 3UBR8 (and likely the 3UBR11) resulting in accuracy issues due to a high volume in spreading, however this was likely rectified as a solution was brought up in boring out more of the Muzzle Brake.

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