BTR-90 Berezhok

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This will be a suggestion for the BTR-90 fitted with the B05Ya01 Berezhok Combat Module. This is the same turret that, as of this post, is only on the BMP-2M in-game. This turret features a 30 mm autocannon, four 9M133 Kornet ATGMs, an AGS-30 grenade launcher, a 7.62 mm PKMT machine gun, thermal imaging, and a modern FCS all on the chassis of the BTR-90. In-game, it would play similarly to a BMP-2M on wheels, meaning it is much faster on flat surfaces.



Originally developed in the 1990s at Arzamas Machine Building Plant based in Arzamas, Russia, the BTR-90’s first prototype was showcased in 1994, intended to be used by mechanized units and naval infantry for a wide range of tasks. The BTR-90 is the latest in the BTR series of Russian AFVs, a long line going back to the years after World War II. The vehicle used the turret from the BMP-2, and had a new transmission allowing for a much better turning radius. Despite this, the vehicle is not in service with any nation’s army, currently only seeing use by Russian Internal Troops.

An example of a BTR-90.

Work to further increase the firepower of the BTR-90 beyond its basic configuration was done via the B05YA01 “Berezhok” Combat Module, which featured a new fire control system for the gunner, as well as the new 9M133 Kornet missile system, a significant upgrade over the previous 9M113 Konkurs ATGM. Also added was the 30 mm AGS-30 grenade launcher, and when combined with the other weapon systems on the vehicle, the BTR-90 with this new turret was armed to the teeth. The main armament of the BTR-90 Berezhok remains the 2A42 30 mm autocannon, which is fully stabilized, but now features a thermal imaging channel.

The Berezhok Combat Module.

The armor of the vehicle remains relatively unchanged. Basic armor on the BTR-90 is capable of protecting against 14.5 mm machine guns frontally, and heavy machine guns and artillery shrapnel on the sides. However, one thing the Berezhok turret changes is moving the smoke grenade launchers to the front of the turret, rather than the rear. They are still the same in number, however. Mobility is also the same, with a 510 hp diesel engine propelling the vehicle up to 100 km/h on the road, and 12 km/h on water.


  • Crew: 3 + 7 troops
  • Mass: 21 tons
  • Length: 7.64 m
  • Width: 3.20 m
  • Height: 2.98 m
  • Main armament: 2A42 30 mm autocannon, 500 rounds
  • Secondary armament #1: 8x 9M133 Kornet ATGM, 4 loaded, 4 stored
  • Secondary armament #2: 30 mm AGS-30 grenade launcher, 300 rounds
  • Secondary armament #3: 7.62 mm PKTM machine gun, 2000 rounds
  • Smoke grenades: 3x on each side of the turret
  • Engine: 2V-06-2M 510 hp diesel engine
  • Maximum speed: 100 km/h on road & 12 km/h afloat
  • Cruising range on road: 800 km
  • Suspension: 8x8, independent torsion bar with telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers





















+1 URSS needs a wheeled vehicle for sure.


Do we know the weight of the vehicle? With a 510HP engine it can be pretty quick, but only if it weighs less than 30 tons

It would likely be in the 21 ton range, the Berezhok turret weighs about ~0.5 tons.

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Yup, the URSS

+1 for speed boy

Would have more than 20hp/t


+1, any iteration of the BTR-90 would be awesome to have.

Also, I would assume that the “better turning radius” would be synonymous to the neutral steering capability it had?

I can see myself ramming this thing full speed, make it happen

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+1 would fit well in the TT after the 2S25M