Just How Bad is the US SPAA Line?

Lol it’s all good :)

we already have a game mode for this, its called arcade. judging by your AA stats this is definitely just a skill issue.


Might as well have the game play itself at that point.
Shouldn’t the idea be to push the players to better themselves instead of holding their hand?

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Gepard is only limited due to APDS being different in size and having a reserve belt for that purpose.

Ah yes, you have no actual logic to rely upon, so you try to defend your inflamed ego via stat-shaming.

By resorting to insults, you have effectively lost any argument.

The bofors 37mm fires 37×258 mm
The bofors 40mm L/60 fires 40x311 mm it cannot fire a 37mm APDS round, the only APDS designed for the 40mm was only intended for the VEAK-40 which uses 40x364 mm meaning its also incompatible with the 40mm bofors that the US uses

This would ruin the SPAA line for most nations, the duster would immediately be put to 7.0 minimum and the same would happen for all the other SPAA.

Your poor aim is not reason enough to give all SPAA lead indicators

the what ever sandbox is RB and AB, historical szenarios are not in. Its maybe a little semi historical in SIM.

The game pretends to historical accuracy.

Sweden developed a similar round to their starter 37mm gun’s sabot for the 40mm Bofors autocannon, they’re forerunners to the 40mm darts on their late game IFVs.

Were there any M42 Dusters with the L/70 Bofors? If that is an option, an armament swap could be performed ingame, or adding a new variant with the different gun.

Not necessarily.

If “SPAA can kill tank effectively” is what “overpowered” is defined as, then maybe the definition of “overpowered” needs to change. It’s a similar story to how heavy tanks have been shafted due to people wrongly associating frontal immortality with overpowered.

I would place the affected SPAAGs at the following BRs. All are assuming my aforementioned short-range lead markers also being a thing:

  • M42 Duster with HE-VT only at 5.3 (5.7 if an L/70 Duster exists)
  • M42 Duster with He-VT and APDS at 6.0-6.3 (6.7 if on an L/70 Duster)
  • AMX-13 DCA with HE-VT and APDS: its slower than the Bulldog chassis, thus 6.0-6.3 maximium. Plus only one gun instead of two.
  • Leopard 40/70 with HE-VT and APDS: Easily 7.3+

And SPAAG are at a hard disadvantage against their intended targets (planes) for several reasons.

  1. Much like Air RB Bombers, they lack formations to use massed fire against planes with.
  2. They are expected to simultaneously be on lookout for tanks and planes, yet get screamed about if they are able to kill tanks effectively enough to get to the good positions they must occupy to surprise planes. Due to schizophrenic playerbase demands, they are in a catch-22.
  3. SPAAG are stuck on cramped tank maps full of various junk that obstructs vision, limiting the utility of 3rd person camera. Planes have a far greater benefit from the 3rd person camera in comparison.
  4. Average players are not properly taught when to open fire at incoming planes. Hence all the talk about SPAAG being wrongly used. I have tried to use them as intended several times in the past, but only when I got unusually lucky was I able to do so. Eventually I gave up and used them as cap-rush meme machines to spade them, then promptly forgot most of them.

But no, go ahead and pretend its a stat-shaming argument. Please feel free to prove you have no real logical backing to your argument on this.

The intent of the lead markers is to compensate for the lack of massed fire and from the unequal benefits of 3rd person camera slated towards aircraft. Planes are much more aware of their surroundings on the ground than reality, thus SPAAG are made intentionally much more accurate in their shooting ability to compensate. That is my logic. Is it influenced by my experience spading the vast majority of them? Absolutely. Is it based solely on that? Hell no.

Lvkv 42 1.0 when…

I think M19/M42 is totally fine until you start to get jets on the enemy team, people just need to stop spamming their gun SPAA at a maneuvering plane from 3km distance just to give away their position and that they are present. The plane is not gonna do any bombing from 3km’s when youre at 4.0-6.0 BR range. Most of the time one shot is enough to bring a plane down.

What gaijin should have done already is given SPAA a reticle that they use in real life, i have a custom spider sights and its doing wonders. Also a tutorial for new players how to deal with CAS should be taught.

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Sorry, I forgot that one. Obviously since the thing used said APDS, it needs the round. And if it too had HE-VT I’d place it at 5.7-6.0, as it is worse than both the AMX DCA and Dusters.