Joystick or No...?

Everyone has a 3D Pro stashed somewhere, and we’re all sitting on a goldmine as their price has skyrocketed lol.

Mines gonna end up as a heli collective when I get to modding it to suit.

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I srongly recommend to set zero dead zone except for the yaw axis. Then you can play with the linearity of the axis and find your spot.

I recommend to download CDK and create your own mission with endless AI respawns to practice.



I’ve being playing Arcade just to get a feel for the dynamics of the game. It’s the easiest way to do it.

I will definitely be playing in Sim Mode in the future.

-Nighthawk P


I’ve actually done just that. I’ve zero’d out pitch and roll, but I still have a setting for yaw.

Thank you.

-Nighthawk P


I love the 3D Pro. Just have to figure out where I put it! LOL

-Nighthawk P

If you want to start playing PvP with a joystick directly, you can try first with bombers. Regarding other vehicles, I find it much better to play helicopters with a joystick than a mouse actually, and much more fun.

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As a general comment:

I wouldn’t use the keyboard. Use a (pad) controller along with the mouse. Much better.

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That makes sense on both counts.

-Nighthawk P

Dodo Dud,

I do have a gamepad so I might give it a shot and see how that goes. I’ll probably use a joystick for Sim though.


-Nighthawk P

Fully agree to Spits.

I mean i flew more or less all props on an inactive account (200d +) and i bought the Italian Spit (via war bonds?) and it was a nightmare with this thing.

But as i got a little bit picky over the years i simply refuse to play planes if they behave not in line with my preferred parameters or fit not to my preferred play style.

I played JP planes years ago but i was never happy with the low damage output of 20 and 13 mm - after the buff of the JP 13mm at the end of last year f i gave it another try with the Ki-44s.

Despite having decent success with them - they are hyper nervous with my standard settings. So i simply refuse to fly them and anything else in case i am not 100% satisfied with their response to my standard settings.


Yes they are definitely a plane I was shocked by in warthunder. I’ve flown them in il2 cliffs of Dover and other sims but the twitchy and wobble craziness of the nose feels really off in this game.

Curious what settings you change when flying spits to get them under control. I’ve been trimming them mostly with 6-11% rudder and -5 - -8 on elevator during flight. Still wobbles like mad when I try get guns on though.

I only change the pitch axis.

Normal settings: 100% Sensitivity, 1.6 Nonlinearity
Spitfire settings: 75% Sensitivity, 2 Nonlinearity

I can’t say I have very much time under these settings. I still have to concentrate very hard to not over pitch, and I even use a different technique where my entire arm is stiffer. It’s definitely a higher work load on me to fly the Spitfires. I could see getting better with them, but they definitely require some dedication to fly well.

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Just in case somebody needs help with jstick settings:

I also recommend his data sheets to find the optimal MEC settings to fly with WEP the whole match without overheating. I mean if you fly with a joystick (which irl plane flies with MnK?) you won’t skip MEC.


Cheers will give that a go. I just got a reverb second hand in great condition, got my first VR kill last night in a J2m5 on an XP50 haha was glorious but I can’t check six very well. I like German and Japanese planes for stick.

Uncle J Wick,

While I agree with most, the joystick probably isn’t the best option for Arcade play, you mentioned something I found interesting.

The idea of using the joystick with mouse aim. I’m right handed (somewhat ambidextrous) but did it opposite. I used my right hand to use the mouse and maintained the joystick with the left during that time before switching back to the right for the joystick. It was actually pretty natural.

I’m still tweaking my joystick settings, probably not the best for Arcade but this is an interesting experience.

Thank you

-Nighthawk P

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I am impressed.

Unfortunately my left hand simply refuses to perform more complex things than holding a beer and flat turns with the joystick.

That is one of the reasons why i prefer 1 vs 1s and the game mode Air RB - the combination of markers and the target lock button is extremely convenient to keep track of your enemy.

Have a good one!

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Uncle J Wick,

My beer was out of reach so that probably worked to my advantage :)

-Nighthawk P

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