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I think a Thai subtree for Japan would be an awesome way to add some depth.


It was never mentioned, but they fixed the Type 16’s barrel not having holes in the muzzle break. Before it was just a texture.


Yes I noticed that also…

Type 79 ASM does not have this weird wobble and flies straight as an arrow straight out of the tube, while the Type 79 is flying all over the place.

I think the flight path of the Type 79 seems extremely over-tuned and is really hard to land when fired on targets < 500 meters. No other ATGM I’ve tried does not take as long to stabilize as the Type 79 on the Type 89.

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More camo options pls!


I would love to see some more unique camos like the ones above and like the ones we have for the type 90 currently.

Especially the grass/field type camos which are a bit more unique than the standard camo nets.\

Edit: Just to expand on that, I’d also love to the camo bushes we have in game get reworked to be a bit more realistic so that maybe we can mimic some of those grass/field type camo setups.


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am I stupid or is neutral steering bugged on the Type 10 and TK-X? like sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt

Yeah i noticed that too kind of weird

I think the sound patch broke something with the TK-X and Type-10 you go from 70kmh to literally 0 when you just touch your A or D keys

Anyone remember the name of this SPH?



There is a dude on reddit who found a video about type11 in which you can read from subtitiles it can be used without external radar, maybe we can find more about it?

"It could operate independently via an optical tracker tripod (11式短SAM動的展示@2016 - ニコニコ動画 skip to about 3:30), but that means it would have have to optically track aircraft in lieu of radar.
The missiles are active radar homing, not semi-active radar homing, meaning it has its own onboard radar for self-guidance once launched (think of AIM-120 going “pitbull”).

Googling a bit showed this video: [4K] 11短SAMの発射機が動くところを間近に見る!- 下志津駐屯地創設68周年記念行事(2023年4月29日)/ JGSDF Camp Shimoshizu - YouTube

At 4:41, the youtube transcript has this line: 体の機材だけで最強することが可能となっ
Which Google Translate corrected to this: 体の機材だけで作業することが可能となっ
Either line suggests (via machine translation, such as DeepL), that it could function using only the equipment that the vehicle carries."

So if you forget about tri-pod which isn’t really necessary gameplay-wise(we already got so much stuff that is not even close to reality that it’s just stupid to say something about realism) we will get a propper AA truck with top-tier capabilities.On toyota(4 shots total) and type81(8 + some in cargo) chasis.

What you think, is it worth anything? Maybe we need to remake type81 page from old forum?


I am already working on it.

Here is another one

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Is there even a reason to implement tripod in game? It will make gameplay only worse, I think they need to get rid of it entirely

Yeah I know but we still need to find info on it so we know how it works better.

My only problem with Type 11 is that with both the Toyota and truck platforms they will only have 4 missiles which is very low amount.

for me it’s fine as long as you can rearm at the capture point, 1 missile at a time instead of needed to launch all your missile and then you can rearm, like the type 93.