"I've played for two hours straight but couldn't get a single kill with the AIM-9L at 13.0. Why do the F-15, F-16, and Gripen have to endure this pain?

Can we grind with the 9M stock?


Imagine a top teir aircraft with 9Ls as the top IR missile…


Could be worse. ICE could have been given Aim-9G/Js stock and Aim-9Ls as a mod


I thought ICE deserve that BR until me and my frens found out it’s not even using a modern RWR and the radar can’t reliably TWS lock a target until 20km

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It is kinda crazy the stock loadouts are so weak so high. Ive got threads up for the Sea Harrier FA2, AV-8B+ and Tornado F3 Late:


*Flashbacks to AIM-9B, B2, and E grind on F-4F *


Yeah well… as spookston likes to say…
The current situation is…

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all Rank VIIs could really benefit from 4x stock 9Ls instead of 2 and most ARH carriers have SARH that should be stock IMO
AIM-7F, R-27R, Skyflash, etc, mainly for 13.0s but also the Tornado for sure

Yeah, the lack of IRCCM and some of the other limiations of the ICE do look a bit rough. Tornado F3 AOP is going to be hard work, but it does have a great radar, decent CM count, good RWR and Aim-9Ms. Needs buffs still. But its better than the ICE. Was expecting the ICE to be the better of the 2 airframes

(though at least it has IFF, I think there is a variant of the ICE without IFF :D )

Yeah, FA2 unfortunately cant use SARH. But for most, Im fairly certain they could and did.

But yeah, 4x Aim-9L or 2x Aim-9M at a minimum would be fine for stock loadouts and for the BVR trucks. some weaker SARH. (ive suggseted Skyflash DFs for the Tornado F3 AOP)

“why do NATO vehicles have to perform worse than USSR counterparts”

By the way, what aircraft are you using? Most likely, your best bet is to use your guns and go for close-in dogfights, unless you’re in the Tornado or F-4F.

People like who

The planes we’re talking about are all gonna be 13.0 lol

all 13.0 use 9L as stock


The 9L is a perfectly capable missile. It’s essentially just a one step downgrade over the 9M. All other jets have to deal with things like 9Ds or even 9Es to get to their 9Ls.

Assuming the issue is we’re comparing this to the Russians, who get R-73s stock, the reason for that is simple. R-60Ms aren’t comparable, and that there’s no all aspect missile for the Russians between R-60M and R-73 level.

AIM-9Ls are fine missiles. Kinematically, they’re in the same ballpark as the AIM-9M, just with less pull and less range. It’s not exactly hard to get good firing solutions for them. They don’t get IRCCM, but their flare rejection is pretty decent rear aspect, especially against BOL flares and hot targets.

Sure, it would be great to start with 9Ms, but beign stuck with 9Ls isn’t the worst thing in the world. Though, maybe the F-4F ICE should be the exception, that thing’s flight performance at 12.7 is poor enough that anything but the best missiles will make it even more painful. But for F-15s/16s/Gripens/etc, which are all solid in flight performance, 9Ls are perfectly workable.

I do have an issue with needing to grind to get more than 2 missiles stock. 2 missiles is absolutely nothing when everyone’s flaring at all times and you need to be oppertunistic to get kills. 4 should come standard.

I’m certain that the AIM-9L hasn’t hit me in over a year. I don’t care about players who get taken down by the AIM-9L just because they don’t know how to cut afterburners and drop flares. If you get hit by the 9L in top-tier battles, I suggest you improve your skills instead of praising FM in the furball meta.

Making the AIM-9L a stock missile is nothing but an action to boost GE revenue because now players have to spend GE to get rid of the AIM-9L. Or, if you’re poor like me, you have to endure the torment of trying to get kills with the AIM-9L at 13.0 and later uptier at 14.0.

13.0 has stock misl same as 12.3 - 12.7 make non-scene