Tornado F3 "late" - Stock Grind Improvement

This is a small suggestion. The Tornado F3 “late” 's starting loadout is 2x Aim-9Ls. This was and still is a perticularly difficult stock grind on the Tornado F3 at 11.3. It is going to be nearly impossible at 12.7 where most aircraft are faster than you, more nimble than you and likely not stock, so better equipped than you.

This is going to put a LOT of people off trying to play the aircraft and is rather unfair.

The suggestion is to improve this aircraft’s stock configuration. I have 3 suggestions for doing this:

  1. Increase the starting IR loadout from 2x Aim-9Ls to 4. Whilst this is the smallest buff it could get it, It would help greatly

  2. Replace the starting 2x Aim-9Ls with 2x Aim-9Ms for added fire-power.

  3. Add Skyflash DFs as a stock loadout weapon. This is the option I think would best as the Tornado F3s main strength is BVR, not IR dogfighting. Even the limited capabilies of the Skyflash DF at 12.7 would be significant boost for this aircraft’s stock grind.

In Addition to these changes. I’d also propose that the Skyflash SuperTEMPs be moved from a Rank 3 mod to rank 2. This just gives players access to the main Skyflash weapon for the Tornados much sooner.

Should the Stock loadout be changed?

  • Leave stock loadout as is (2x Aim-9Ls)
  • 1 - 4x Aim-9Ls
  • 2 - 2x Aim-9M
  • 3 - 2x Aim-9L & 4x Skyflash DFs
  • Other (please comment below)
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Should Skyflash SuperTEMPs be moved a rank lower?

  • Yes
  • No
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+1, agree on everything, even Sky flash DFs would make it less unbearable to grind. Imagine being a brick and only having 30 flares + 2 9Ls against gripens and other stuff with ARH and IRCCM missiles…


I don’t think normal Skyflashes should be stock. 2x ST’s as stock with the 2x 9L’s and then research more missiles then the better ones

I did think about that, but its how the BVR loadouts are modeled as a quad hardpoint and not 4x single hardpoint makes that kinda tricky.

Figured 4x DFs weren’t asking for too much and they arent even a mod/loadout option yet exist for the F3. So should be an easy add

@Morvran add a poll


Good idea. 1 sec

Poll added

yea trying to get the 9Ls to work when you’re guaranteed to face ARH missiles is pain. I’d get it if it was like, a very capable dogfighter but I get the impression that the live server experience will be crawling your way to SARH missiles 135 mission score at a time

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This is absolutely necessary, if the current F.3 stock grind is reasonably painful (i experienced it), then i cannot imagine the same grind at 12.7.


Yeah but if the stock grind didn’t make you incredibly frustrated and want to get past it, how would they sell the modules for golden birds?

Working as intended.

I’d suggest have 4x aim9ls and Supertemps as stock, then replace the Supertemps modification with the BAe Active Skyflash. Using a 11.3 missile Bus on 12.7 is gonna be so painful until u get on the Tier 4 for AMRAAMS which is gonna be so damn long, replacing the Supertemps modification with the BAe Active Skyflash will lessen that pain of grinding