It’s Fixed! №87

Today, we’re going to be talking about the work on improvements and bug fixes to the game over the past 2 weeks. We’ve selected some that we think will be interesting to see, so let’s take a look!

If you’ve found a bug that you’d like to report, you can do so on our community bug reporting platform.

FPS freezes have been focused on and fixed

In the battles of War Thunder, not only does every second count, but even a split second is enough to decide the outcome of a situation. That’s why a stable frame rate is so important, especially when flying an aircraft over a tank battlefield.

It was precisely in this situation that the game could freeze up: in ground battles, when flying over a cluster of ground vehicles, an aircraft pilot’s screen sometimes froze for about a second, or even longer in some cases. This could cause an aircraft to lose control and crash.

We’ve found the root cause of this problem and have fixed it.

Scouting has been fixed, and improved!

We’ve received many reports from you that active scouting did not work as it should. In Ground Realistic Battles, enemy vehicles were not scouted at a noticeable distance, even if the target was directly in the crosshairs of the gun sight or binoculars: it was not marked as scouted.

Not only did we fix this problem, we continued to improve the logic of active scouting.

Another improvement concerns rewards for scouting. If a player has already shot at an enemy before you scouted and then destroyed them, then the game has nothing to reward you for, since another player successfully detected that enemy themselves. Therefore in this situation, you’ll be given a reward “Not by intelligence”. It’s less valuable, meaning you’ll not receive an increase in air strike and artillery points (in Ground Arcade), and a reduction in the cost of spawn points for aircraft (Ground Realistic).

A new HUD for the Battle gamemode

We’ve improved the HUD in the Battle ground gamemode, to make the goals and objectives of each team clearer. We’ve removed the team points bar in favor of a more readable display of the number of destroyed vehicles to win and the current number for each team. Under this indicator you can now also see a timer, where when this runs out, the team that has destroyed the most enemy vehicles wins.

Fixed display of vehicles at a distance

Targeting pods and built-in optics for high-ranking aircraft help in detecting ground targets and ensure the use of weapons at ranges comparable to the engagement ranges of air defense systems at similar Battle Ratings. However, due to an error in applying the angular dimensions of targets with the detection range through sights, these ranges were noticeably less than those necessary for small targets. This meant that for small vehicles like the Swedish Lvrbv 701, the maximum range at which it could be detected in a sight or targeting pod was about 8 km. Now, after fixing this issue, its detection range is over 20 km, and for larger vehicles, even more.

That’s not all

The full list of improvements can be found in each update note! Let’s go through a few: stabilizers no longer allow you to increase the turret rotation speed, creating a new preset no longer leads to the gamemode changing, and the penetration values of shells are now again visible in the stat cards of all vehicles.


Game position itself as historical war simulator, and we’ve got interface from cheap Chinese rpg. Those who introduced that, do they play the game?


They should remove it right now.


The new HUD, reminds me of the Team Fortress style from Valve. For a military simulator this looks very bad


Will the rewards for “valid” scouting be increased to compensate for the overall reduction in effectiveness?


Again by the players wantings? I very want to see the list of those who was demanding it


I think its about time they update the UI. I like this change i just wish they went further with it


I mean… Does it?

This is about ground battle which is just a vehicle shooter even in SB.
Not a war sim at all. I never have seen this game described as such. It never even tried to simulate a war… A shooter is the wrong place for such a Simulation anyways.

It doesn’t even simulate battles.

Hell it doesn’t even simulate the vehicles in ground battles.

It’s a shooter and that’s fine. So check if the HUD fits a shooter.


“Not by Intelligence” must be removed, it is bad and not thought through. There are plenty of cases where player who hit the enemy is not the one to finish him. What if enemy changes position after getting hit? If not for a scout mechanic he will disappear after few seconds while scouted enemy will be seen for next 30 second greatly increasing chance to kill him.
This mechanic would only be true in a tiny time window when enemy gets hit, spotted by a scout and killed all within few seconds of first hit which gives ping on map and red downwards arrows. After this the Intelligence kill should be valid as it is impossible to verify using this simple mechanic if scout helped or not. Even if the targets gets killed by the same player who hit it first there could be situations where the scout does help track the target.

BTW new hud does not fit the warthunders “realistic” or “simulatior” theme.

Now having read the full changelog - the 60 second time after hit is RIDICULOUS . At top tier tanks can get hit ( with mg), and change their position few hundred meters within those 60 seconds - Imagine playing light tank spotting it only to see that he was “hit” minute ago on second half of the map.
During those 60 seconds 2 separate light tanks can waste their spotting just because the target was “HIT”.


It has been proven many times that people making changes in this game very rarely play their game and I’m sure there were cases when they clearly stated that they don’t play it.


This new HUD has to be replaced either with the old one or a new one, anything but this. This is so arcade ish. My first game today was a battle with this HUD and everyone in the chat said it sucks, it looks so bad and only negative reviews. I don’t know if it’ll be replaced based on player feedback, but I hope it will soon


The new indicator really looks a bit cartoonish. Are tickets still a thing? Is this just a way to represent them as number of vehicles in a mode without ticket bleed? (Like 200 tickets = 1 vehicle)


Ewwwwwwwwww. First thing that sprung into mind was “Battlefield Heroes” lmao.

Yes, it was in dire need of a rework, but not like this :D


This HUD is actively making the game harder to play than if it were replaced with empty space. Why on Earth would you make it flash and animate constantly?


The new HUD displaying kills to win just shows that they view their game as a TDM.


Why are you guys seeing it, but not me? Lol

This ain’t it chief.


I would definitely prefer a HUD that fits the theme of the game to such a cartoonish version. This would have been a good HUD for the Tailspin event


This is for Battle mode only - game mode where both teams got their own cap zone and if you get it, enemy team instantly lose battle.


It still looks bad