It’s Fixed! №87

What ever Game-mode it is for. It looks just very bad. Are you designing the GUI for 10 year old kids ? It has to be removed, noone likes such.


Considering who is targeted audience, yes.


The new hud could be more consistent with the old one, and the caps.


Please why do you force us to use new arcady, flashy and wrong UI ? It is distracting and bad. Why ? because until now we had tickets bleeding down. This new UI does the opposite of that, it counts up which is the opposite. In addition it is blinking and shining, just distracting…
Please give us the option to use the old UI, which we had for 10+ years. It worked, was not distracting and I always knew how many tickets both teams have.
Now I have to open player table using Tab to know how many tickets both teams have… The new UI does not fit WT theme and does the opposite of the old UI + distracting…
Maybe some 9 years old will like it but not me…

Maybe it is just some sort of early april fools ? Because it looks like it could fit some of the april fools game modes.


many good things here! Good job guys! :)

the new hud however… i like the sentiment, its just that the style of it is way WAY to “play toy” if that describes it well. it feels like looking at a toy gun in a row of real ones. it feels out of place, odd and takes away a lot of the immersion.
its not that it looks bad, something like that would very much look great in a different game.
so it would be nice to have something more immersive and style appropriate.

you know what. why not also change the regular hud to be more immersive as well while you are at it :)


Is there an option to disable the flashing animation and the plus signs dancing around every tome anyone gets a kill? It’s distracting the way it is.


just delete this piece of xxxt, it looks Ugly, lacks a sense of design, and the layout is not reasonable,it seems someone wants to change the UI endlessly to achieve the workload


You call this improve? It’s definitely a decrease of sl/rp reward. If you gaijin has forget what happened in May last year, then we will nail that memory to your brain over and over again until you never forget it


You guys definitely need a second thought on the scouting change. I will not make this game any better I swear.
In the full changelog it says scouting reward will have a 60s penalty, which means, whenever a player get a enemy on a triangle hitting marker, any scouting mark would not be awarded.
Getting an enemy on a hitting marker is very easy. Even if you use a machine gun strafing an open air near the target, the hitting mark would be triggered. A marker for hitting the target and a marker for spotting are completely different. You guys clearly did not get this. Scouting mark would follow the target and they are far more reliable when penetrating through bushes.

And 60 second is just insane. How could you guys set a timer of 60s, during this period any spotting kill would not be counted? How?


Ahh yes the infamous Lvrbv 701 was only able to be seen at 8km… With its insane 7km missile, 35° elevation, woeful turret traverse, poor missile handling, lack of radar… It must have been a serious threat to aircraft dripping laser guided bombs from 8km up overhead undetected…


I thought my drivers were going to shit tbh

What on earth is this bright flashy battle royale looking UI for battle mode?

Another improvement concerns rewards for scouting. If a player has already shot at an enemy before you scouted and then destroyed them, then the game has nothing to reward you for, since another player successfully detected that enemy themselves. Therefore in this situation, you’ll be given a reward “Not by intelligence”. It’s less valuable, meaning you’ll not receive an increase in air strike and artillery points (in Ground Arcade), and a reduction in the cost of spawn points for aircraft (Ground Realistic).

So you found a way to nerf scouting, great
So I take it this will have an effect on scouting related tasks?


Great to see so much care on things such as this. I wish you’d make proper tutorials that explain the importance of capturing points and taking risks to advance. I’d like Gaijin to demonstrate strategy advice based on actual gameplay of actual players (with names blurred out of course)

I still can’t use the “request assistance from team” command on Xbox. I haven’t reported this as a bug since I rarely use it.

The new HUD is so bad please bring back the old one, this looks like a Project CW hud, it’s so bad


Okay no I tried, I can’t tolerate the flashy numbers in my peripheral vision, its over the top and draws my eyes away from combat.
Games often use flashy things to draw the eyes of players so why would you have this constantly going off at the edge of the screen?


Yeah these moving +++ signs really distracts me. Makes me look as if theres a plane coming


You could also ask “do they like the game?”, cause with the changes I keep seeing to maps I can only think that their only goal is to destroy War Thunder.


need more time

stabilizers no longer allow you to increase the turret rotation speed

This is also not fixed, what do you even mean by this? @Stona_WT

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Rats off to ya! Amazing update!

Fixing freezing and scouting? Fantastic

Edit:ok, I’m getting some really bad stuttering and FPS drops now.

I keep my settings a little lower then my pc can handle because my fans go nutty when I turn it up and I like to keep a smooth FPS but this is dropping from 144 to 60 and below and is causing some jank.

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