• Tearing off the tail of helicopters with coaxial rotors is no longer counted as destruction, since it does not have a significant impact on the performance of these types of helicopters and does not lead to them crashing. This should help situations where players stop firing at one of these helicopters thinking it is no longer a threat.
  • The detachment of an aircraft wing when the allowable load is exceeded is no longer counted as a destruction, the same as with the tearing off of flaps or landing gear.


  • Previously announced changes to vehicle grouping have been implemented
    • The BV 138 C-1 has been grouped with the He 115 C-1.
    • The “Strela-10M2” has moved from Rank VI to Rank VII.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


is this why the servers are dead?
i cant connect at all at the moment.

NVM it just started working again. but i assume it was this update, everything died and i opened the forum 2 seconds later to all the update notifications in different languages.

If you want to discuss HUD changed, please use this thread: It’s Fixed! №87


So only the listed helicopter are benefiting such “Buff”

Kamov 29
Kamov 50
Kamov 52

Only those 3 Russian helicopters,…

May i now ask for the fix of stingers/mistral G-Load, now that Russian helicopter have been massively buffed in survivability departement?

Is this a way to avoid people to wing crash in order not to give kill reward?


they haven’t. the only difference is when the message appears.


not really a buff for the kamovs, I mean I have died many times to “destoryed” kamovs flying without tails so its just a way for us to get more damage on them and I don’t think it’s a buff


That’s not a buff, if anything it’s a nerf.

Now if the heli has lost its tail and still flying you the reward for actually killing it


@SemiPartician @Necronomica :

Basically Kamovs can now Lose the tail and not considered killed, so player will no longer be rewarded for cutting the tail of the Kamovs

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" He 111 H-3 has been grouped with the BV 138 C-1."

You might want to check this!

That was the original suggestion that I noted at the time made no sense as the two designs had nothing in common. Now it’s gone live I see with the game tech tree the change has indeed grouped the BV138 with the He115 which is far more sensible.


Basically first sentence.

Yes that’s the point

Yeah,… so firing a missile and it blows of the tail, i’ll need to use some 30mm/20mm to kill it after wards,… what is this if not a buff?

Well, only those feature coaxial main rotors.

You know what happens to a “conventional” helicopter if it loses its tail rotor (or tail), yes?



I know,… still require the hunter to comeback around to kill Kamov and Getting rewarded for it.

??? Speak properly and learn that Ka-50/52 and 29 were intended to fly without the tail! Pull your head out of the ground!


that is true, but that does not increase survivability. they are just as likely to be “actually” destroyed. before it showed destroyed when they were not, even without tail they kept flying and firing and getting kills, but shooting at them then gave no rewards since they were already “dead”. it made no sense.

dude… no need for that attitude…

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I don’t care for it being able to or not,… i’m speaking REWARD WISE you’ll need to Spent more ammunition to kill it, if you only blowed the tail off!!!

Or you’ll get Killstealed,…


what is different from before except when the message appears?
before, it could still fly after getting tailed destroyed and kept shooting and getting kills. shooting it again would not have made sense since it was already “dead”.
now it isn’t counted as dead so you keep shooting to kill it.
but it still acts the same as before mechanically.

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