Scouting nerfed

Literally why? Why can’t you leave things alone, all you had to do was fix the stupid mechanic and now you’ve messed it up again, so tired of this shit.

Like sure, less SP reduction, as if CAS isn’t trivial to spawn anyways, but this also makes daily tasks and special medals unnecessarily more grindy, absolutely idiotic to take the grindiest game known to mankind grindier at every single step.

And to have the audacity to present this as fixing it, pathetic.


It’s hard to tell what you’re even complaining about.

Is this a place for rants, or reason?

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If reading comprehension isn’t your thing, that’s okay.

Nothing in your original comment shows scouting being “nerfed”.

This is simply an unhinged monologue.

Again, unhinged monologue that has nothing to do with the changes.

It is a fix?

Right, so you didn’t comprehend the initial path notes either.


If someone damages an enemy, then you scout them within 60s of them taking damage, and the enemy dies:

Previously - you would get an full intelligence award

Now - you get a “not by intelligence” award.

It’s a nerf overall, I have no idea how you were able to read the change notes without realising that.

The thing they fixed was it incorrectly failing to scout a target at long range. They’ve said they have fixed this multiple times before though, so I doubt it’s actually fixed.


The “initial path notes” state nothing but a fix to scout registration and an implementation of another assist mechanic.

Where does your screenshot have any relation to this?


  • In Ground Arcade and Realistic battles, when a scouted target is destroyed by a player who attacked it within 60 seconds before the scouting, the scout is now always given a “Not by intelligence” reward. This also means that the scout will not receive an increase in air strike and artillery points (in Ground Arcade), and a reduction in the cost of spawn points for aircraft (Ground Realistic).

It literally describes how your intelligence award is changes into ‘not by intelligence’ which means you don’t get shit.

I scouted 9 enemies, 5 of which were destroyed but instead 5x intelligence and 5x SP reduction I only got 2 of them.

Which not only massively increases your Intelligence task requirements, it might also affect the According to intelligence award so both will be significantly harder to obtain.

Plus you get a fraction of the reward for it, so it’s also an SL and RP nerf.


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I am going to bet the mechanic doesnt take into account you spotting a tank that gets hit just after your spotting runs out either which you re-spot.

“I see a tiger, I will spot it”
Team completely ignore said tiger and the spot runs out
someone shoots the tiger just after it ends
you re spot the tiger and it dies. 100% going to bet you get the new “not by intelligence” reward.


This is exactly what happens.

It’s even worse because even if they do shoot it the first time, if they don’t kill it before it runs out you basically can’t get the award anymore because it does not count the second time as they’ve essentially tagged it before you scouted it.


Were you born this dense or did you work at it?

this is a forum,he is giving his feedback about the New change of scouting. how is that hard to tell? also how is this ranting?, one is not allowed to give his Opinions anymore? its not like gaijin will respond anyway.

Calling anything a rant is a trope around here, often used by moderators as well as an excuse to shut down topics when they can’t find a good reason to.

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His original comment on the topic is nothing but an angry rant? If you want proper topics to learn how to “forum” off of, take the AIM-54 or Stinger debates, not this Vamilad-esque post.

Honestly, these devs are just so deranged and most of them need a mental hospital for the actions they are doing to make the game even more grindy. like what did they get from making scouting less rewarding?, its not it gave you hundreds of thousands of research points and silver lions. and now some missions are even harder and they’ll take even way more time to complete then ever before. Honestly such a disgusting company and devs can’t believe how greedy someone could be and how evil can they get.

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If you want to discuss mechanics from specific game mode, please use proper forum section.

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