"Inequitable Combat Rewards: Why Downing Aircraft Isn't Paying What It Should?"

I have noticed that this happens frequently: when I shoot down an aircraft with my anti-aircraft system, I don’t receive the appropriate amount of XP and money. Instead, I only gain a small amount, such as 1000 lions. Sometimes, I don’t completely destroy the aircraft; instead, I only damage a wing, causing it to crash, yet I still don’t receive the full value. I can only receive the full value if I completely destroy the enemy in the air, whether it’s a helicopter or an airplane. This is unfair, especially considering that I often die while trying to shoot down an aircraft and still only receive a fraction of the deserved value. It doesn’t make sense to attribute this to assistance, as most of the time I am the only one shooting at the enemy. When will this be fixed?

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dude tanks earn way less plane destruction wise anyways. probably not fixed anytime soon

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That’s not what I’m complaining about. I’m complaining that many times you receive little money as if it were just critical damage and not real destruction…

What you noticed can be related to at least three things:

  1. The BR difference between you and your target lowers the score (and also the rewards)

This is something the devs introduced quite some time ago (like 2 years?). If you kill lower BR plane, you can lose even 90% of your score/rewards, which is absolutely crazy.

  1. The severe damage mechanics
    Responding to the Severe Damage feedback & release time

If you severely damage an aircraft, you will still receive 80% of rewards. You can get remaining 20% if you finish him or he crashes. But when he is severely damaged already, you can only receive 40% (even if for you that target may look like a perfectly fine plane).

But the most important thing is, this mechanics delayed kills. There is a big problem with this especially in Ground Arcade battles, because shooting down an AI unit is valued much less than a real player (this is also something that changed in the last year IIRC). And planes turns to AI controlled automatically after 1 minute mark in Ground Arcade. So with delayed kills (severe damage mechanics) you sometimes get the rewards like for AI instead of a real player.

There are many things related to this mechanics, it’s impossible to explain all this shortly, so I can only recommend reading forum topics related to this mechanics, if you are interested in the details about it.

  1. Critical hits on most plane parts were disabled
    Critical hits are broken as of 15th of February or nearby
    Critical hits in Air RB / broken & hard to get

Many players don’t know, but critical hits give you additional score and rewards. And critical hits on most plane parts were disabled about two months ago.

I lately played some SPAAs and it’s a terrible experience RP-wise after mentioned changes. I never cared about SL, but it’s obviously also affected. Shooting down planes is not very well rewarded, especially in Ground battles.


Yes, I agree with everything you said. However, in the case I’m reporting, it doesn’t fit into any of those possibilities. I should receive the full amount. In Air Mode, if you deal damage to the enemy and they collide with a mountain, you receive the kill, experience, and money correctly. In Tank Mode, when doing the same, often you only receive a quarter or even less. That’s what I don’t understand. In the screenshot I posted, the same thing happened and it was an SU25, while I was using a BR 10 vehicle in realistic mode. I don’t believe I’m the only one experiencing this.

Where/how do you check the rewards? Maybe you only check the destruction reward (20%)? The rest (80%) is in the severe damage reward section.

Check this post and my reply below it:

Only the additional 33% from the critical hit could be missing in the situation you described (that critical hit was removed recently). Everything else should be there, just often split into two separate reward sections.

Recurring incident: I destroyed an SU25 in 11 minutes and 30 seconds of gameplay, yet only received 851 lions as a reward. As evidenced by the screenshots, the aircraft was not previously damaged; it was I who damaged it, dismantling several of its parts until it crashed. Despite this, my reward for eliminating it was insignificant. It seems that I only receive a full reward if I shoot down the enemy while it’s airborne… This is deeply wrong. According to all these game calculations, why did this happen?

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Well, I actually explained this in my previous post. This is the same situation as the guy who asked about low rewards (link in my previous post).

What you showed on the first screenshot is only 20% of the reward for destruction. Additional 80% is in the severe damage section.

In your case, I see there is also a problem with no severe damage translation. So the first “Dano critico no inimigo” (you have two of them listed on the screenshot) will be severe damage. You can even see it gave you 3400 SL (which is 80%), and destruction 851 SL (which is 20%). So in total killing that Su-25K gave you 851 + 3400 = 4251 SL.


Thanks. I just found it a little confusing, when you destroy the enemy only the lower value appears and not the total.