Independent Polish Aviation Tech Tree (re-posted for the new forum)

As with the other post on Yugoslavia, I decided to move the thread on the new forum and provide a place to discuss Poland as a new nation. Like the previous, it’s a suggestion that had been passed to the devs a while back.

I made it before 4th generation jets were added, so bear in mind back then we used to think tier 7 would comprise modern jets and that’s why the MiG-29 and F-16 are not tier 8.

There are a total of 120 aircraft.


Here’s the old topic Independent Polish Aviation Tech Tree - 120 Aircraft! (93 indigenous) (Revised 10/10/2020: 26 aircraft) - Other Nations - War Thunder - Official Forum



Love your work! As for personal preference, I’d move the PZL.55 above the Kania, which actually accepted instead, and probably switch some of the licensed aircraft with the polish premiums, but other than that, absolutely amazing!

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Thanks! ♥

If I were to change something (I’ve lost the photoshop draft of it unfortunately), I would fix my mistake of assuming and naming all Polish planes under the “P.” suffix.

I moved the PZL.55 to tier 2 because performance-wise it seemed fitting, and I do not have any of those paper premiums in the main tree because of they never came into existence. I would love Gaijin to make an exception for Poland though, because then it could turn out to be a more fleshed out and unique nation in air than some other nations!

Poland deserves its own tree.

The FA-50GF, whose deliveries were completed two weeks ago, is intended to replace the Su-22, so it will be suitable as the last vehicle in this TT’s attacker line.

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Sounds very good! What are the specs?

Interview with Polish Air Force Brigadier General Ireneusz Nowak:

The FA-50GF was created as a modified version of the TA-50 Block II, which was being built for the ROKAF. This was done in response to the Polish government’s request to “deliver it as quickly as possible”.

The TA-50 is an aircraft developed based on the T-50, capable of using radar and weapons, but lacking RWR and CFDS. This is because the TA-50 is a Lead in Fighter Trainer (LIFT), intermediate stage between the T-50 and the FA-50. Pilots aboard the TA-50 are in the final stages of training (that is, training has not yet been completed), and it is difficult to consider them capable of performing full-scale missions into enemy.

The FA-50 is an aircraft developed based on the TA-50 and is no longer a training aircraft. It is intended to be capable of carrying out combat missions, so of course it is equipped with RWR and CMDS.

Newly installed CMDS for TA-50. From 0 places to 4 places.

The TA-50 Block II brings the existing TA-50 into line with FA-50 standards for efficiency in production and training. (There are some differences in detail, but it’s probably not something we’ll pay close attention to.)

The TA-50 Block II reflects FA-50 modification experience, has improved maneuverability, can use precision-guided weapons (KGGB, GUB-12, GUB-54, etc with AN/AAQ-33 sniper pod), and can perform night missions.

Ground simulator and cockpit

If you would like to know more details about the T-50 family, you can see my thread.

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