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You can do loft attacks. Just could be better

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With a distance marker it would be much easier.
8 bombs is a waste on one base. I’m just going to take 5 of each hi-drag and lo-drag to quickly destroy 2 bases. Although speaking of which the selector is terrible. Only going up in the 2^x instead of being variable. It’s just harder to be accurate when all of your bombs are dropping very quickly.

use the bomb series you can choose before spawning, deactivate the weapon selector mode, press drop bomb series once ready

You can use bomb series to drop 6x Mk83s which is the perfect amount. But yeah, that works too. I just like using ripple mode (which is 2, 4, 8, 16) so I just dump 2 too many.

That’s what we are missing for really accurate long range lofting in the tornado.

there was a suggestion about changing the amount of ripple quantity, which I really liked

would need to find it again tho

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I’ve put in a suggestion as well


yeah exactly that one

now i know why i didnt find it again, it was on the old forum XD

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Bookmarks ftw 😜

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you seem like a nice young man, one vote from me



Thank you!

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It seems like they did change that on the dev server from 500x300 to 1080x720 but then reverted the change again back to 500x300 with the update to the dev server recently

Is this a fix or a change from Tiald 400 to Tiald 500?

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Very interesting…

Nothing about resolution. Just zoom

That can arguably be more helpful considering you are usually locking onto targets up to 20kms away.

If only they would render 20km away…

and/or allow you to actually fixate onto a ground target at those ranges. I find in SB at least, ground targets are visible out to about 25km (just about) but it wont let you lock onto any of them until you are within about 13km of the target. You can stabilise out to 20km, but you have to be very accurate.

But yeah, T-Pods need some major overhauls


@Gunjob btw could you check in why in the dev servers the assta 1 thermals had been “fixed” to gen 2 and then in the last update “nerfed” to gen 1 again? Right now i gave a feeling like someone accidentaly thought germany uses the same thermals als britain and copy pasted your targeting pod on top pf the litening 2

I also saw that, and let me tell you, they were not gen 2. The resolution was in a weird spot where it wasnt any gen we have in game. It was some kind of 2+ but not 2+

Ok it seems like recently 2+ got changed into 1080 720

Either gen 1 is wrong, shiuld be the same as f16C, they did fix it initialy and now its bugged again🤷‍♂️