If you could, how would you re-balance CAS in Ground Battles?

An idea I have brought up before as a possiblity would be forced bomb fuze like AB if the nerfs are reverted. AB does it right in making you choose your targets imo.

Overpressure was artificially neutered when the Sturmtiger was added, perhaps we can start there by increasing its potency back up to what it was when said feature was first added. Sturmtigers are not threatening enough to neuter every single bomb and rocket in the entire game over.

Kinda defeats the point of GBUs though, if you have to lead a lot and hope the target doesnt move elsewhere. might as well just use dumb bombs and saturate the area instead.

True. The AVRE might be an issue, though…

Hitting a light tank with a 165mm HESH round and just getting a “hit” needs to be fixed regardless


Hm, true. Ill have to think on it, to be honest. If the fuzestarts from drop, GBUs would let you have that accuracy from high up…


I think thats a HESH issue ngl, since it cant overpressure.

Thats basically assault fuse. Which I often use. If dropped from a “safe” alt. It will explode on impact.

In that clip. I wasnt, my default for air sim is 1.5 seconds (at least I think that was what it was set to)

I think the only way to “fairly” nerf GBUs is SP cost. A lot of changes could be made to balance out CAS via SP cost only. But inversely, buffed as well. things like unguided bombs at top tier should be a lot cheaper than they are currently.

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I was basically intending for bombs to have AB’s 10s fuze, but GBUs would be able to be dropped higher with more accuracy- which would still give em an advantage.

It would make having situational awareness actually valuable for avoiding bombs, and make them less vulnerable to getting nuked instantly.

I think it’s still a tad messy. But does add value to something like GPS guided bombs

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They could even tweak the minimum fuzes per bomb/aircraft, letting 50kg and 10kg have a 0s minimum, etc.

I think that either we should allow all HE and HESH rounds to use the numbers the Gaijin pen calculator spits out for them (without modification), or we should reintroduce a limited version of hull break. By greatly increasing kinetic penetration of HE rounds, it helps address “no armor best armor” problems, makes artillery pieces more realistic (nevermind practical), and is funny enough based on some real documentation.

I named it “Turret Break” - a physical impact of sufficient energy to the tank turret breaks the turret ring and tears the turret off of the tank. Bombs would technically do this but overpressure would kill you before it mattered at that point. It was meant to help artillery pieces where you can mysteriously one-tap a tank and then just “hit” in almost the same place. Rockets would also benefit immensely from this idea.

The AVRE, CEV, and Barn should all just have overpressure kick in when HESH “penetrates” a vehicle. The whole idea of HESH working is that it turns the tank’s own armor into a liability against its crew, transmitting the pressure wave through the armor. Even “hits” from 90mm HESH on T-54s in Korea (which in WT does xxxx all postpen) left crews’ ears bleeding and them functionally disabled. Bigger rounds…yeah, good luck with that, Mr. IS-3…


Bkan will be awesome >:)

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Ngl there’s 0 excuse for how OP CAS is at top tier aside from

“money money money!”

However pre-radar SPAA is generally very competent against CAS (aside from American SPAA) and the issue usually boils down to noobs sitting in spawn, in the open where everyone expects them to be, wasting ammo on out-of-range targets further revealing their position, then blaming CAS for being OP.

Furthermore, the players who complain the most about CAS are German and Russian, the two nations with the best SPAA and the two nations with players known for camping in one spot whole match.

I do agree CAS tends to have an advantage over SPAA (Especially if it has lots of 20mm/30mm or rockets) But people would rather complain on forums or Steam discussions rather than learning to aim or to hide behind hills or buildings until the plane is close enough to shoot. Bonus points if they’re smart enough to stick with their team, the place CAS passes over the most.

Lastly, the idea one singular 70sp SPAA should be ENTITLED to getting 5+ kills on the 500+sp planes from the winning team swarming them is complete bs.

Gajin played around with the idea of removing CAS/adding ground only mode, but players didn’t like it, so yes, it is the reason why it’s still in GRB.

I must say that is the first time I have ever heard of that.


I would love some links to the news/videos of it. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was another ‘battle royale’ argument.

There was an oddball event in 2019, Arcade mode only, for the then-top-tier area of the game, in direct response to the swarms of Ka-50s first-spawning in midair with ATGMs.

It lasted one weekend, and afterwards not hide nor hair of said event was mentioned again. Any further attempts to ask for repeats of it, or different BR variations of it, were rapidly shut down even more quickly than before.

My guess is that it was an “okay [xxxxers], we are tired of your complaining for this, now put your money where your mouth is and prove to us that it’s even worth our time developing” from the devs, and then it failed to hit the desired threshold in popularity to prove to the devs it was truly a viable idea and not just hot air.

Afterwards it was shut down for the final time in a written Q&A and has not been mentioned officially since beyond flat “no” answers in some live Q&As without further explanation.

I agree , they should also make SP cost vary according to the number of each weapon rather then just fixed to type, its insane that it costs the same SP to put 1 Maverick on my F-16 as it costs to put 6 on. Also to balance the increased weapons cost, I think it would be fair to allow pilots to pull better loadouts on the runway. The easiest way to implement it would be to refund the plane/ loadout SP when you J-out on the run way (and not increase the planes SP cost the way it currently dose, that should only happen if you lose the plane), that would also make me more inclined to pull CAP as I could land and go back to my tanks and still have my fighter available if more CAS show up later (Although you should always respawn on the runway if you pull the same plane again later to stop people abusing the system).