If you could, how would you re-balance CAS in Ground Battles?

I don’t care for respect from assumptive fools like you…

I don’t care about the opinion of noobs like you

Cool, because your point is erroneous and factually incorrect.

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Your argument has less merit than a leftist’s

Ahh, no CAS is usually out of you elevation range, at least if the have any skill what so ever, Jadtigers etc can be tracked/ barreled from the front by any tank in the game


Yeah, its an early Sherman with guns arguably worse than a Whirbelwind. It very much does need to drop.

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So what are the main ideas?

-Cost revision for ordinance.
-Alteration of spawning (aka forced runway takeoffs).
-Fighter First system.
-Increasing SPAA reward (can only be score/SP/SL since RP is tied to time).
-Increasing air on air reward.
-Reduce air on ground reward.
-Addition of Naval system for aircraft.

This is off the top of my head so missed some, I presume.

Good time for a review and collecting ideas?

Edit: This is not to say I support or reject the above, this is just an information post.

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It takes 3 shots from american 76mm to orange it and 2 from a 90mm, and that’s ignoring volumetric black holes stealing your shell, ricochets, or missing because they’re half a mile away. They can oneshot you pretty much anywhere, very balanced.

This is why CAS exists.

What now?

Please provide something to back up what You are saying.

Do you actually think that the answer to one OP thing in game is to add a more OP thing? One that doesn’t just counter the original OP thing, but literally everything else in the game? (at least until 7.7 when SPAAs can actually function, particularly for lower skill players.)
CAS IMO has 2 separate problems, 1 at pre-7.7 and one post-10.3 ish between those ranks I think CAS/ SPAAs are fairly balanced. At 10.3+ the issue is that CAS can often engage from out side of SPAAs range or vertical elevation angles. At lower ranks the issue is simply air spam with often 5 to 10 players from each side in pulling planes within a few minutes and then bombing the few people left in tanks back to the stone age, completely overwhelming any SPAAs with sheer numbers.

You missed “SPAAG lead markers, removal of old nerfs to SPAAG and SAMs,” but otherwise you’re generally good at compiling stuff.

Even more fundamental than this, CAS is split into two different problems.

  1. it is implemented terribly as a revenge powerup killstreak reward weapon. So long as it stays this way, it is fundamentally unbalanceable no matter what its spawn cost is.

  2. player opinion that they are helpless against CAS/that the counters are not present/that the counters are useless.

Removing the BS mechanics that enable it to be a revenge weapon, as well as introducing new objectives for it (and player tanks where applicable), would solve point 1).

Overhauling the counters at all BRs, and undoing past neutering of SPAAG antitank ability, would solve point 2).


No, CAS exists because WT was air only first and when they moved into ground vehicles the mode was always intended as combined.

People might use vehicles for that purpose, personally, but it is not why it is in GRB.

I agree on all other points except this one. I dislike the idea of essentially punishing players for wanting to use CAS. I agree that anti-CAS work (either in SPAA or CAP) could be increased, especially as those roles can have quite a bit of AFK time. but CAS kills, shouldnt be nerfed.

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Furthermore, I think some of the prior nerfing of ordinance in years past should be looked at and potentially undone, in this same light.

Let us truly begin to heal the damage wrought primarily by TO supporters refusing to adapt provoking rushed nerf overreactions from snail.

For example, in 1.59, 3rd person bombsights were removed from all bombers that had bombsights, a feature later “introduced” when planes get CCIP. This seems like a “realistic” feature at first glance, but then you realize some nations’ CAS both back then and still very much are dependent on twin-engine tactical bombers.

Russia relies heavily on Pe-2s and Tu-2s, their fighter-bomber CAS outside the premium P-47 is…not much. Germany has some fighter-bombers (Fw-190F-8, Fw-190A-5/U2, and Bf-109K-4), but they still rely on twin-engine Do-217s for considerable parts of their tree. Italy, Sweden, and Japan are even more obvious in their reliance here.

I also think some of the ordinance kill radii are too small these days, especially when you must factor in that tanks can magically repair all non-lethal damage in under one minute, requiring CAS hits on tanks to be either catastrophic OHKO or they do almost nothing.

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Yep, Agreed. Im all for changes, but they are kinda stupid at times.

You also get fun nuggets like this:



CAS needs buffs just as much as it needs nerfs.

An idea I have brought up before as a possiblity would be forced bomb fuze like AB if the nerfs are reverted. AB does it right in making you choose your targets imo.

Overpressure was artificially neutered when the Sturmtiger was added, perhaps we can start there by increasing its potency back up to what it was when said feature was first added. Sturmtigers are not threatening enough to neuter every single bomb and rocket in the entire game over.

Kinda defeats the point of GBUs though, if you have to lead a lot and hope the target doesnt move elsewhere. might as well just use dumb bombs and saturate the area instead.

True. The AVRE might be an issue, though…

Hitting a light tank with a 165mm HESH round and just getting a “hit” needs to be fixed regardless