Has anyone noticed that the updated bombs, rockets, and missiles have less explosive power than before

As shown in the screenshot, in the protection analysis, the 152kg TNT equivalent exploded on the side of the vehicle with additional armor, and not all of the vehicle crew died. This is very absurd. After the previous version of the HEAT damage problem was solved, some bugs continued to exist, hoping to be taken seriously

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It seems like explosive ordinance was nerfed after Search and Destroy. Now Walleyes killing an IS series tank has gone from rare to impossible.

Not only that. I have not been able to destroy a single heavy tank with the SC500 and smaller bombs yesterday. It always just tracks/barrels them + sets them on fire. I tried dropping directly on top of the tank, next to it and even a few meters away. Same result. SC1000 destroys them fine. I think the broken bomb bug, that got introduced in the Ground Breaking update, is back.

60kg on Ferdinand = Booooom
250kg on Jagdtiger = Boooomm

Got no issues.

I’ll investigate and get back to you in a bit

Damage seems fine

1000lb next to Wirbelwind “hit”, 1000lb under Panther,tracks and barrel destroyed. The damage seems off.

Bomb was right under me, left me in a crater…

I have submitted the bug issue and it has been acknowledged that the damage issue exists;I used Zuni rockets to attack AA in actual combat, but the fragments and overpressure range generated were not as good as before

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I thought, I was going mad when directly hitting a Challenger with 8 Snake-eyes in 5 passes and only doing minor damage.

I thought, the server might be messing with me, but I guess the nerf-hammer hit hard.

Yeah overpressure and damage in general was definelty reduced significantly for HE warheads this update a direct hit like this last patch would’ve instakilled any MBT

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Now try SC500 on IS2.

Yesterday I only had extreme problems with the Type 75 from the Japanese to destroy the IS2 by overpressure with HE. I don’t have the experience to judge whether it is generally more difficult to disassemble the IS2 by overpressure.

I’ll let you know as soon as I have an SC500 under an aircraft and find an IS2.

You don’t have to. Just watch my Sinai replay from yesterday. You will laugh.
Same with this one from yesterday: Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On

Most of the time I only have problems with players who are under lvl20 … that’s when the bombs do the funniest things ^^

Maybe the IS-2 (lvl 31) still got some “puppy protection” ^^

Came to my mind as well, but I am not doing this today. Last time I brought this up in another thread, mod told me to “stop spreading dangerous conspiracy theories” and ban threats were in the air.
Let’s just say that I believe picrel has been stealthily implemented anyway, just in a… different manner.

Anyway, in this case, I think it’s just a Ground Breaking update bomb bug that got its way back into the game again somehow. Nothing more to it.


I agree … we better do not talk about this.


Anecdotal, but I noticed this too while trying to kill people with Hydras. Annoying if intentional.

I dont think its just bombs doing funny things (they are definitely fucked though), something might be wrong with armor since the update. I have had 125mm APFSDS both fail to penetrate very thin armor and penetrate but the shell magically turns into a single spall which can’t do much of anything, clean shots to side armor resulting in the shell being simply deleted, aircraft cannons somehow fail to damage BMPs from above…it has been a hellish experience, at least HE shells seem to be working properly

I think it’s great! Now all weapons behave like PARS 3. :-)