How to properly contact and report to a Game Master!

How to report a player to a Game Master!!

If someone in the chat write “bad” ’ things and/or violates the game rules, report this person via the ingame report function!

This is done as follows:

At the end of the match there is a table with all players and their results. Find the name of the player you want to report, right click on it. A small window with various options will open. To report the player, you should use the “Report” option.

Click to activate spoiler

Then another folder will open where you can select the category. In the next window you need to write a small message that will help us understand the issue.

Click to activate

After that, click Send! Done, report sent!

How to find a server replay?

First you need to go to the website where all the server replays are located:

  1. visit the War Thunder homepage (
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  1. Click on “Community” and then on “Replays”.
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Next you need to find the server replay of the game you want to save or report a player.

The easiest way is to filter out only the games in which you participated. Theoretically, it is the last game you played…

  1. check the box next to “Find replays with my participation”.
  2. click on “Search…”
  3. in the filtered list of games, click on the game you want to view as a replay server

As you can see from the screenshot below, selecting a specific game will open a window with more information about the selected game, including a list of all players who participated in it.

Click to activate

Click to activate

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To watch the replay, the War Thunder client must be running without a game or custom battle started, so it’s best to stay in the hangar.

Then click on 'Start Replay.

How do I report a player using the server replay report function?

To report a player, you need to click on the “exclamation mark”.

Then a small window will open with the options “Use of cheats” and “Unsportsmanlike conduct”.

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct: Harassment such as blocking a tank, pushing the tank into enemy fire or water.
  • Use of cheats: Suspicion of cheats and hacks used.

Choose one of these categories and write a short message about what happened so we can better understand the situation.

It would also be perfect if you could tell us at what point in the game this happened, so we don’t need so much time to look for the incident and can take care of it faster.

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Please note that because of data privacy reasons you as a reporter will not receive any feedback, neither automatically nor when you explicitly ask for it!

First you have to see which Game Master speaks your language. The language is indicated next to the name. Here is a list

Game Masters:
(Contact them via PM if you have problem with: Chat Ban / Chat Moderation / Game Ban (excluding Bans due to Use of Forbidden Modifications / Hacking and Account Security Issues, or Teamkills). Note also the languages the GM’s can be contacted in.)

  • white_3t - EN
  • Alscrime- FR, EN
  • awsomejwags - EN
  • tbhoop - EN
  • minamion - EN, CN
  • Lazo1337 - EN, DE, SERBO-CROATIAN
  • Ledo - EN
  • Gentlespie - EN, SP
  • NoOne - EN
  • FastGT007- EN, DE, IT, FR
  • EsperJosh - EN
  • Monika_in_action - EN, CN, (JP)
  • SnazzyDuckling - EN, DK, NW, SW
  • FlyingLeathrneck - EN

Senior Game Masters:
(Contact them ONLY if those above cannot resolve your issue or if you have problem with any of them)

  • Badpanzer - EN
  • Beestar - EN, CZ, SK
  • Schindibee - EN, DE, FR, IT
  • WoIfman - EN

Community Manager:
(Contact him only if those above cannot resolve your issue or if you have problem with any of them)

  • OrsonES - EN, PL

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please contact a Game Master only via private messages!

  1. visit the profile of the person you want to contact by PN.
  2. click on "Send message
  3. enter a subject and write the message, then click “Send” when you are done.
  4. the recipient of the message will surely write you back.

The Game Master Team