Hot take: Bring SIM rotation BR matchmaker in ARB for fixing "BR blackhole"?

The current SBEC MM we have now is completely different from the ARB one.

Matchmakers in ARB are influenced by the population of players playing a particular BR ranges, which determines how often you get an uptier or downtier, and if there are too many players playing a particular vehicles (e.g. Ju 288C, F-5C, F-4S, etc), it will have a negative impact on matchmakers, and the frequency of getting uptier and downtier games, which should be 50:50, will be highly skewed.

Mostly cases people bring these vehicles are just grinding so, it is almost impossible to fix it if we stuck at current matchmaker system because people spam it even if these vehicles moved to higher BR.

The details are all in the WT wiki, but basically SBEC has no random uptier and downtier like ARB, instead the BR blanket is rotated every few dozen hours.

Since some BR blankets are +/- 1.3 BR, they need to be fixed for ARB, but if this is implemented, it should fix the “BR blackhole” issue. It can always be meta for a few days for almost any vehicle, unless it is extremely overtiered, and even implementing in ARB it doesn’t require that much work, as it is just a matter of C&P from SBEC matchmakers that is already exist.


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It would be a neat thing to try. The only downside is the creation of a meta vehicle in every bracket, one that might be spammed when that bracket is in effect.

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I think this would be an awesome solution to both air and ground.

I have suggested in the past but never really got anywhere. It seems such a perfect solution to uptiers and downtiers.


Yes, that would happen, but unlike currently where the meta vehicle almost never changes. Each rotation a different vehicle is meta.

Except a top tier (where things get a little more messy), almost every vehicle would have it’s day


It may also make it easier for Gaijin to find vehicles that are statistically OP or extremely undertiered as people continue to spam certain vehicles.

Yeah it does, it creates a more controlled enviroment. I fear how many are strong only because of constant downtiers. like the Falcon moving to 8.3 because it just happened to see a lot of 7s for example

Making my jets get 100% full downtiers sounds great. Question is how many people will take the jets that will get 100% uptiers

I guess grinders doesn’t care about uptiers. You can see how many F-4S spammers played 11.3-12.3BR games.

The point is less about getting downtiers, its more about choosing to encounter uptiers and it not being random chance. Especially at certain BRs, like at near top tier. Uptiers are nearly guaranteed.

It would mean more fights with aircraft at their own BR rather than in uptiers or downtiers all the time.

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At least if there is a counterpart to that BR blanket, it shouldn’t be much of a problem since the statistics shouldn’t be so overstated.

MiG-17 and CL-13A, F-2 Sabre is one of best 9.0BR jets but, wouldn’t move up to higher BR because both things works as counterpart eath other.

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I understand. However, you tell people that 10.0s will only face 9.0-10.0, they will flood to 10.0s and few will use 9.0s.
It basically creates multiple, changing “top tiers” and “reserve tiers”.

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Yep, until next rotation where its 8.7-9.7 so now 9.7s get used, then 8.3-9.3 and now 9.3s get used. Over the week, everything is meta at least once. Its a good change over the X Br is always good and the brackets below are unplayable.

Imagining telling 9.7s that they never have to see a 10.0 All-aspect carrier.

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And we may be able to get the old Jet RB meta back, albeit as a side effect.

For 8.3-7.3BR, you can get back the top tier meta (A-5 Sabre vs MiG-15) right at the start of OBT, and for 8.0-9.0BR, you have AAM but can play something closer to the meta in 2017.

With 11.0BR, you can once again play in the F-4E vs MiG-21bis environment that was the top tier meta at the time of the “New Power” update.

It is far better to the current MM in that it is possible to implement a new vehicle without completely destroying the existing meta.

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I’d wager this would achieve little more than ensuring that at any given time, there is a single BR in each bracket that is spammed for guaranteed top tier, and god help you if you happen to decide to play a vehicle that’s on the bottom of a given BR bracket.

Say I log in on a Monday and want to play a 9.3, only the bracket is currently 9.3-10.3. Do I have to come back on a different day? Resign myself to not playing the plane I wanted to play?

The current MM bracket is bad, don’t get me wrong, but at least there’s a chance I won’t be uptiered 100% of the time.

My point is that the objective of this post is to prevent the creation of BR black holes by spamming certain BR aircraft, not decompression.

For example, if a BR black hole exists at 10.3 BR and you want to fly a 9.3 BR aircraft, at this point you have a 90%+ chance of getting a full uptier game in current matchmaker. However, we have ratation BR brakets, You just have to wait a few days to get the BR blanket that 9.3 will definitely meta, and you can spam it all day long. Also, If you don’t mind the +/- 0.3BR or +/- 0.7BR difference, you can play with a BR blanket where 9.3BR is not meta.

It is better to have a BR blanket that will be playable in a few days than a BR blanket that will be unplayable due to a BR black hole that has been occurring for a long time like Ju 288 spam.

Honestly, although I rarely play sims myself, my numerous friends who play sims told me that many aircraft are playable again, so I don’t think it will be huge problems.

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