Ho-Ri Prototype and Production

I feel like this has to be brought up again with Gaijins promises to fix the game, so lets start it simple the Prototype variant can be compared to the Jagdpanther, and the Jagdpanther just straight up wins this matchup, people will say the Ho-Ri has better mobility and crap but thats really a slight bonus over the Jagdpanther, when we come to the main focus, the Jagdpanther has way better armour as the entire thing is frontally sloped, compared to the Ho-ri which can even be penetrated by Panzer 4s with the long 75 or even a 76 sherman at range since the gun area is completely flat, then we look at the guns…despite the Ho-Ri having better post penetration damage, the round suffers quite allot at actually penetrating allot of the time, it will bounce allot more compared to the Jagdpanther, so why does the Jagdpanther while being a better vehicle overall? The Prototype has to fight 7.7 vehicles due to it sitting at 6.7, while the Jagdpanther sits comfortably at 6.0. And when we look at the Production Ho-Ri…it can be fairly compared to the Ferdinand and Jagdtiger…but the Production has to sit at 7.3 instead of 6.7 despite being equal to these vehicles. If these vehicles were balanced purely by performance there would be big changes.


A bunch of german tanks sit at way lower BR than they should, because they are mostly played by wehraboos, who sit all day in front of History Channel, and watch how a Tiger 1 was never frontally penetrated, and that it can take on any modern MBT in an 1v1 and win most of the time.

And when these wehraboos find this game, they start with germany, but since it is already a miracle, that they don’t just forget to breathe and suffocate - they get like 0.2 K/D.

Gaijin then seeing these stats, just bring german tanks lower and lower in BR.
On the other hand, minor nations, like Japan are mostly played by better players, which results in those tanks having better stats, so Gaijin raises their BR.


Well I’m hoping with the future changes to the BR system that it gets pushed down to at least 7.0 or 6.7. Otherwise, just like most current matchups where I seem to be up tiered, it’ll be facing the future compressed 8.0 lineup filled with the same old T54/Leo 1/BMP1 etc. All which can easily pen, unless you can angle yourself in time.

I believe its because Gaijin keeps balancing japan by player skill not how good the actual vehicles are…

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It’s insane the Production ever made it above 6.7 after it’s been nerfed 10 times over, how do you make a vehicle worse whilst also pretending it’s performance increases?

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Gaijin: Uhm our statistics uhm uhm yes


Unfortunate but true

T25 says hi.

at least T25 isnt 7.3…

Except the few examples of guys playing 9.0 tanks at level 20, no one plays just a single nation. Progressing in high tiers with every nation can be overwhelming, but at least below BR 7 I personally played everything in the game. And I’m pretty sure most people does the same.

I’ll never get the “German players” “soviet players” nonsense. Of course there are levels dominated by some particularly OP or popular vehicle, so statistics can be influenced by it.

T25 is weird, I think it lost the stabilizer? Statistically it still performs really well though

You are talking about something different.
I commented on the average player who mains germany. No matter at what BR you see them, they are 90% of the time wehraboos, that can’t even see you 3m in front of them, in arcade.

There is a few actually good germany player, but the majority are just barely over the braindead level.
There is the obvious case of the german M48. It was sitting at a lower BR than the american version for a long time, because germany main players are just so bad, that they drive down the stats of every german tank they touch. And since Gaijin balances based on how well a tank performs, instead of what the tank can actually do, it had a lower BR, since the player stats were worse on the german M48, than the american.

When i see the stats of a player who mains a minor tech tree, such as japan, or italy, they tend to perform better that the mainstream ones, but not just better than the german tree, but often better than the russian, or american.


Imagine being this wrong about something but still say it as if it were fact.

Then explain it please

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Even Gaijin explained the difference with the M48, it’s not that difficult to comprehend when one side is up against fully stabilized Brits who were completely dominating the BR, paired with the US tank and their strong CAS, that Germany is going to struggle in the M48 when only supported by a BMP-1.

sources needed

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That was their argument and one is the reasons Gaijin eliminated the nation lock.

Sources are common sense and critical thinking skills, it should not be beyond your comprehension to understand the difference in performance when faced with significantly stronger enemies.
Beyond that you can look up the explanation from Gaijin.

So why are you not linking the source then?

Anyway, even if the M48 part is not that, there are a bunch of other german tanks that sit low…


Because navigating WT forums is a nightmare and it’s somewhere under the million update posts on the old forum, I’m not going to spend a bunch of time searching through it just to find the official version of what I am already telling you, the difference is the enemies it faced where an M48 + BMP was a lot worse than a M48 + Caernarvon + Centurion + FV + whatever else.