High scores in RB

8 kills Yak-3P

It is difficult to read the table of records for english-speaking people. Can this entry be recorded as Yak-3P?

7k A5/U2 game, 8th denied by an unluggy pilot snipe.

J35XS 9k

Yak 3U 8 kills

11k in j9 early

F-15A 8 kills (+1 stolen)

J2M2 9 Kills

T18B(57) 7K

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F-86F-40(Taiwan) 8kills
IGN: γͺんとかγͺγ‚Œγƒƒ

Shenyang F5 8k

a-35b 7k

d5 mustang 8k

Baz 8

u need at least 10 frags for record.

Mirage 2000C-S4

MIG-23BN 7kills

SK60B, missed out on 6th over tickets and airfield camping.

I’ve got a 9K with my MiG-27M, damn… I’ve gotta find that shit