High scores in RB


SU-11 (CY-11) 8 Kills

(This was last patch)

Where is full screenshot?

F-14B 9 kills (last patch)

me262u4 6kill

Harrier GR.3 7kill

I cropped it weird lmao

J2M2 7 Kill game

where is table of players from the battle?

i wasnt aware of the rule that it needs to be a screenshot from the leaderboard, the rules dont specify that

Sea Hawk FGA.6 - 8 kills

Would have been 10 if maneuver kills counted :)

MiG-21MF - 9 Kills

(link to replay Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On)

MiG-29G 8k

ki-87 9kill

9 Air to Air kills with the French F-84G

Read rules

P-61C-1 10kill

8k in F-15J

Yak-17 21/12/2023 Version