High scores in RB

I bring to your attention the table of records in RB mode.


Fights in a squad will not be counted;
The number of frags for single-engine fighters - min 7;
The number of frags for twin-engine fighters - min 6;
The number of frags for attack aircraft - min 5;
For bombers with / without exchange rate weapons - min 5 (deviations are possible);
Screenshots are only taken from battle. Of the repetitions, it is very undesirable, because there it is impossible to determine the presence / absence of a link


Ta152c3 8kill

Fw 190 F-8 9 kill

F-86 F-2 10kills

F-16A MLU 8 kills with half-researched modules

Kurnass 8kills

F-104G 7kills

F-14B 8 kills

you can get much higher scores in ground

this thread only about AIR realistic battles.

check table. u need at least 9 kills.

F-105D 5 kills

mediocre but nobody has claimed this plane yet so here we are :clueless:

F4U-1D 9kills

D.520 7kills

Mustang Mk.1A 9kill