High scores in RB

Harrier Gr7 with 6 kills

i need screenshot with table of players.

Its from a few months ago and i didnt get it, surely the end of game will do showing my kills names?

Harrier GR.7 - 7 kills

There was this 8th dude that was badly damaged with no engines and eventually, a teammate finished him off while he was gliding into the ground and I did not even get an assist, thanks gaijin! Otherwise, I would have got 8 kills. From my 7 kills, 3 were with aim9-m and 4 with guns, without landing.

Here is the video.

Don’t bother now xD

Damn i have been gotten

Dropped a sub btw, my fav game to play

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BF 110 G-2, a bit older, hopefully it still counts.

Too old. Min 2.25 patch.

CL-13 mk.4 7kills


P-38L-5-LO 8 kills

XP-50 8 kills

Yak-3 9kill

F-5A 7kills

Ki-61-I otsu 10kill

Shahak 9kill ver2.29

Screenshot table of players?

F-5A 8kills

D4Y3 ko 11kills