High scores in RB

Misattributed to K_u_C in the spreadsheet

Sea Venom FAW 20

f104g (german) 9k
would have been 10 but timer ran out unlucky

b7a2 (homare thing) 9k
leaderboard screenshot is server replay because i forgot to take one, hope thats fine

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9k denied by a camper


11 kills with Mirage 2000-5F

Sakeen 7kill
スクリーンショット (339)|1000x419

The 10k ticket loss

11 denied by an af camper :sob:

10 Frags F-5E match RB.

@Master_Baiter @BUSTLЕR just check table of records and your posts.

Milan 7k

Wyvern S4 [img]

F8U-2 8kills