GRB I have the answear to all your CAS problems (WARNING THIS IS ANOTHER CAS POST)

Sorry but this is how things are.

Denying the reality or logic won’t help the case.

You got no evidence as uts not been tested

WWM was a test to something You proposed, clean fighters from the beginning with no rocket/bombs and it ended as I have described.

I dought every match was so, just the ones where u did not get a tan

So You want to implement changes that will make things overall worse for ground units because there is a chance that in some games it will help?

I want to see more CCAS counter close air support

So TO is right answear. With TO around, people playing GRB would be ones using air and spaa all the time

TO is not going to happen

Just because You don’t want it to happen, doesn’t mean that it can’t hapeen.

A lot has been said to not happen and later it happened


I am not against TO, i am against CAS, i really hate CAS in ARB and GRB i even made a post to let the CAS players do there own thing in there own CAS only mode

Air players have Air mode

There is ARB with tankers spadding CAS on AI ground units when it is ment to be a pvp game, would CAS be so strong in GRB if they had to spade in GRB

And You say that I use crystal ball

Its true, why is there AI in ARB but not in GRB. Just statecheck how many days i play as fighter, i know so

I don’t really care.

I have spaded my planes in GRB.

You say u want TO yet you do CAS

And what is wrong with that?

By playing it your supporting it

By playing it I can fully understand it and talk about it ;)


Maybe you can shed some light on my topic below, im at 6.0 atm