GRB I have the answear to all your CAS problems (WARNING THIS IS ANOTHER CAS POST)

And make you die after 1 kill if you use a booster

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Right, what you are suggesting is making the start every single GRB match an ARB match that afterwards you then spawn in a tank. With who ever wins that ARB match getting an advantage for the rest of the GRB match

Im thinking make planes the same SP cost as tanks, but there ground attack ammo has its SP cost independently.

So You want all open-top tanks to become unplayable… great.

Go hide under a tree. Lol who flagged this advice that is actully advised by gaijin. Was that ulq lover

Which doesn’t change anything…. Right

I dont see you gettihg a tank only mode.
I do find it frustrating (bad tast) getting hit on the head by a 8k bomb from a pe8 that i can not reach with my SPAA stright after i spawn.
. If planes could spawn for the same cost as a tanks and bombs such as 2k, 4k 8k or even the 12k from a lancaster cost so much more, maybe simular to a nuke. Fighters/ heavy fighter/ CAS and SPAA would reduce getting tanks killed as both sides would have to fight for air superiority (while some tanks do there stuff) to earn SP for bombs giving tanks including open top more freedom.
It does not take much skill to drop a 8k bomb and ruin your game, alone your open top tank exposed behind a hill or hull down. I have denied CAS from taking my tank out by hiding in shade, under trees, behind rocks and other objects. Its the same as being stealthy from enemy light tanks and flankers.

No one would be able to play open-top or weakly armored vechicles.

And I have killed tanks doing that without any problem.

I play british tanks so i know very well what its like to have no armour

You complaine or pick apart ideas. Yet i dont ee you coming out with a solution aprt from tank only mode, which is like you beating a dead horse

Ideas that won’t benefit anyone who talks about unbalance and only make things worse.

TO/option to play without air, is the only real solution that would solve all problems of the current unbalance between air and ground.

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You mean it could stop you from getting a tan in your open top. With every new thing added there are pros and cons. You need to look at the bigger picture

Not only open tops but any tank with week roof.
For example 12.7mm can pen all Pz IV/Stugs roofs without any issue. 20mm can destroy Panthers and set Tigers on fire.

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Planes would have more in the air to deal with and wont have 8k bombs that can take many tanks out. So overall weak armour tanks would have a better survival rate. Its not been tested and you dont have a crystal ball. Your just assuming its a worse idea

Your scenario would only work if teams were not made on random.

There are going to be games when one team has much more air than the other meaning that after a minute, one team will be destroying the ground = worse situation for ground units.

I played games where air can start from the beginning and belive me that You don’t need bombs/rockets in order to destroy ground units.

You don’t need crystal ball, just use some of the thing called ‘brain’ and ‘logic’.


Your just totaly against CAS. Its going to stay, your not going to get your only tank mode, so xtSp beating the same old tune your not going to help your self.
Ive been in matchies where the enemy has gone to much in the air and lost the match As they was weak on the ground and could not cap, they spent all there SP

I’m the one using it constantly, but ok.


And I have had matches where I have gathered enough SP with a plane that I dropped a nuke and won a game.

Your obsessed and go around arguing for the sake of it

I’m just pointing out how things are and what will happen if some of Your ideas would be implemented ;).

No, you imagine it could happen