Britsh Tanks > tier III

Do any of the seasoned players of GRB play british tanks as i am struggling to spade 5.3. Im not the best player and i have bad map knowledge. Any advice much appreciated

Dont use APDS. Shot mk-8 on the 17pdr is better with how apds is modeled ingame rn


I just got a skill matters award, just thought i would share it XD


I still use it. Just depending on the situation.

First of all it has great muzzle velocity, so it’s a good idea to use it when you expect range combat.
Also you can pen some vehicles you can’t otherwise or go through a Panther more easily from the front.
It will pen even when you hit a 200mm area of the turret.


I hear APDS dont like angled shots

You cant carry both, you czn carry mrk 6 as well as APDS, would it be good to put APDS on comet and Mrk 8 on challenger?

Its a good idea to learn where the gunner is on many of the tanks you see often. that way you always know where to place your first shot to disable an enemy, and can then kill them with subsequent shots. The comet and challenger and Cruiser tanks, so you can use their speed to get to good positions, which you will of course have to learn for each map. Your armour is poor, and the reverse speed is awful, so you are best in a hull down position and you should be careful not to push too far, because you will struggle to retreat if you are being flanked. Take a mix of apds and Shot MK.8, use the apds for anything you are struggling with, but i would advise generally having the Mk.8 loaded most of the time.


Cant carry both APDS and mk 8

You can, I did it in battles all the time.
Just click on one of the shell types and you’ll have others listed as a choice.


Yes, i can on comet but not on challenger. Why would that be?

Its working now, i emptied all then selected shell in modifications and then put it back to APDS

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Also, with solid shot rounds at that BR you’ll most often want to shoot to disable, not OHK, so knowing where their gunner sit should be really important.

I’ve mostly used APDS on Challenger, it performed pretty well for the most part, while I only used Mk.8 when targeting something lighter or when I knew my positioning will grant me many side shots, at which APDS really isn’t great.

Other than that, they don’t play much differently than other mediums of their BR. They’ll often be pretty fast and Challenger has pretty nice gun handling, gun depression and reload as well, so use it to your advantage.
Their armor is meh at best, so not relying on that part is the best thing you can do.


You have already gotten though the hardest part of the mess, which was 2.7-4.3, where the ungodly bad QF 75 and 6-pounder are.

Be patient, for one. Seriously. The A30 Challenger is amazing. The Comet is a decent backup but the extra armor isn’t enough to stop anything and is just dead weight. The A30 Challenger is basically a British M18, I rate it that highly.

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There are 2 types of APDS.

Tungsten alloy - good
tungsten carbide - useless

Alloy penetrators are the ones used by the 105mm L7, and all of it’s versions (so cent Mk 10, Vickers tanks, M60s, STB-1, TYPE-79, chinese tanks with the 105mm guns, Leopard 1s, and all the 120mm guns on the Chieftains).

All the rest are just plain trash.
17pdr, 83mm, Conqueror’s 120mm, T54E1/E2, swedish low tier APDS.

On the note of the Conqueror, it can apply for the title of “worst tank in the game”, alongside with the Churchill 7.
I made an entier post explaining why is it useless:

AP for damage and APDS for harder targets or for ammo racking. The panther’s ammo rack in the front of the hull is a consistant ammo rack for me.

I am sure you are very well aware of the British’s fear of reverse gears, so dont get yourself in a situation you cant fight your way out of.

The comet’s armor is not great but the turret will eat rounds do to its multiple layers+volumetric. Try hull down for frontal engagements.


Why wont my barrel point where i want it when i am behind a hill or object?

Pretty sure the stormer wins that category hands down

SPAA not counted

Fair enough. I definitely wouldn’t put the churchill 7 in the same category though. You can at least make that work in a downtier.

No. I struggled to get a positive K/D with it. Around 30-50% of all my kills with it were open tops killed by HE.