GRB I have the answear to all your CAS problems (WARNING THIS IS ANOTHER CAS POST)

The answear is as follows.

At start of match, Everyone has too spawn CAS/ aircraft first if its in your line up and you only get 1, also resupply of bombs cost SP depending on its weight
when you die you can spawn as SPAA or tank,
If you good enough you can stay as CAS/ fighter through out the match if you want
Since man crawled out of the trenchies and took to the air, air superiority has been the biggiest factor. The next world war will be in the air

Edit : Or make planes cost the same as tanks but you have to pay extra for ordinance and its resuply, ie you would have to earn SP by shoting down CAS in order to land and equip bombs.

CAS is to strong in its current state and fighters need to spawn before CAS to give cover over its teams tanks.

Plus this


Or, we leave it as it is.


Are you happy with the way it is at the moment, if you are you maybe 1 of the minority


I too have no issue with how it is now…


If you could spawn planes first i would definitely play that mode, i would spawn first in a fighter and gain air superiority and then protect my team nates in tanks

There’s better avenues to solve the issue, but it would require players to think more, rather than being fixated on the kills.

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Its how wars are fought since we climbed out of the trenchies and went into the air

What is this nonsense?

Like, honestly, we don’t need changes made to it, because some of the playerbase can’t handle it…

Hell, I’d hazard a guess that the majority of those who complain about CAS don’t even carry SPAA in thier lineups… That’s how serious I am about the issue.


You call it nonsense, what planet are you on, why do you think planes are used in war, how did war thunder start

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I call your throwout nonsense because it’s bad faith and just avoiding the point…

We don’t HAVE to agree with you, and we can like what we like…


I know exactly what your about

See, I don’t think you do to be real…

Or spawn a fighter or just get better at spaa, it’s a skill like everything else


My solution was to always just bring in OTHER targets for CAS to go find and remove such as the old Artillery units that used to provide the artillery ability, but that got removed because people couldn’t figure out that they were losing thier ability to artillery for a reason.

These units weren’t marked on maps, and you genuinely had to go search for them.

That is exactly what i would do, i have mentioned it a few times where people say cas is to strong

More than likely the game got compressed and less time given per match


What’s ‘compression’ and ‘match time’ got to do with what I even stated?

There was a time when matchies would last an hour, im just guessing

What in the actual heck are you going on about…

The matches where these were in, were normal length matches.

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At some tiers/nations SPAAs won’t solve the issue.

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