GRB I have the answear to all your CAS problems (WARNING THIS IS ANOTHER CAS POST)

I think we just need to increase the cost of the SP for CAS. At the moment, as demonstrated by some in this discussion, you can simply speed rush a cap in a low BR tank, J-out, and be in CAS early enough in the match to be almost completely uncontested by enemy air or SPAA.


They’re also very very often decided by artillery, as it remains to this day the most efficient way to quickly deliver tons upon tons of HE upon the enemy. Hell, even if you only count tanks, artillery kills way more than planes do. Was true in WW2, is true today.

And yet, there is a lot of resistance from players to introduce this to the game, why? Because it isn’t fun, dying to something you can’t touch that is very far away from you. This is basic game design: lack of interactivity is not fun, doubly so if it happens when you die/lose.

Just to clarify, Clap, I’m not a “TO mode or bust” kind of player. I’m okay with working on the modes we have until we get to a sweet spot for as many players as possible.

But this realism talk is just a bad argument. It’s bad when people use it to ask for historical MM, and it’s also bad when used to defend CAS. War Thunder is not even remotely a realistic depiction of a battlefield, and generally puts gameplay ahead of realism, as it absolutely should.

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Artillery has always been in the game, it’s just very underpowered because of how frequently/easily you can call it. They also just added actual dedicated artillery vehicles in the last update, but I’m guessing they are pretty useless.

Let us not argue semantics, please. There is a game mechanic in WT that is called “artillery” but it has next to nothing to do with real world artillery.

They look to be performing okay as tank destroyers. Which is the function they have in game. There is currently no real way for them to behave as they do IRL, and that for very good reasons.


America droped more tnt on Vietnam than both WW’s

I said the most efficient, not the highest tonnage. Which is a pointless comparison anyway, because for reasons I don’t think I need to spell out in this forum, artillery was not a factor in Vietnam.

You literally have a major, conventional land war going on in Europe right now where the enduring centrality of artillery to the battlefield - often with tanks as the victims - is still being proven on a daily basis.

And even for all that… it would not make GRB better in War Thunder.

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There is a reason why air is not being used in europe right now

Yes, but that is not relevant to the point being made. Even if it was used to its fullest capabilities, it would not negate the absolute centrality of artillery to ground battles.

The original claim was, “Ground battles are often decided by air superiority in real life.”

And the same is literally true of artillery, in an even more pertinent way since in WW2 and today it was and is the premier tank killer.

Just because something can decide a ground battle in real life, it does not automatically mean it will make for good gameplay.


Im not disputing that artillery is the most efficient, but generally they would not send tanks in with out air cover. But yes its to much for a game. We are not a war simulator for the powers that be

They are really, really good as TDs if your aim is good, that guy calling them useless doesn’t have a clue. I’ve used British M109 and it’s absolutely disgusting at 6.3, that thing will overpressure Maus when shooting at it’s turret cheek.


Once you got the hang of those big HE rounds those tanks can be deadly. I just revisited the KV-2 … and oh boy … this is a beast if you manage the reload and your positioning.


These things are far more easier to handle than a KV-2.
They have not so great reload but it’s much, much better than KV-2’s reload speed, and also you’ll keep using the good old APHE weakspots from the front.
155mm HE is, I would say, even more effective than APHE at around that BR, especially against tanks with 5 or more crew.

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No, it’s unbalanced.

Yes, that’s because you don’t play top tier.

Yes the inherent skill of pressing the space bar while watching a tank in your camera and then getting a kill while said tank has zero recourse.

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I was talking of fighters or spaa. keep up

Yes, you’re completely ignoring the primary vehicle the game mode was designed for and justifying the existence of CAS because there are fighters in the game mode. It’s asinine.

Spaa wasn’t designed for ground battles?

You can take SPAA in Air RB?

This is a topic on ground Rb…