Germany should also get the KF41 Lynx

9l sure. R73 hard no. Espcially when service is a requirement now for Germany apparently and they still have r27er and don’t get the r73 they actually used…

hell no they wont have,

if not you know what to do…


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nah , wont do anything, we are way to few, and you wont find enough to motivate them to do it

It does seem like adding a better mig29 is the work around to not give it to Germany.

its just so SURREAL how a vehicle that came more than 1 year ago hasnt been fixed neither even told anything about it

But they already added ahead ammo. In the dumbest most half assed way possible. A timed shrapnel round. This isnt a ww2 flakbus ffs. How hard is it to make it automatic.

Again gaijin saying “weve fixed it”

what does this have to do with the KF41?

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Its not a nerf if they get r73, its a rebalance. A nerf would be leaving them at 12.0 and removing the r27er or moving it up and giving it nothing because “muh statistics.” At this point it should get r73 regardless and if they decide to keep the r27er gajin thinks it could use, give it the r27et if smt gets it because the same limitations would apply.


But it will happen. They won’t give it to German Mig, at least not with this update. Look, how Gajin treats the F-4F, the German Lynx, the Puma, the MBT progression in general.

Also the German Mig-29 got a software update from Mikojan (or whatever) and was theoretical able to fire the missile.

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Mig29 9.12a had r73 from day 1 irl. If you’re referring to the r27er/et, I’m not sure about that. There was no software update to the mig 29 for r73 however.

Yep, R-73 is a no brainer. The whole Archer system was the point of the Mig-29 and was there from the start. I watched a doc about the NVA/German Mig. There they interviewed the East and West German pilots, showed the helmets for the R-73 and everything. It was fully R-73 capable. After unification they also made a contract with Mikojan for updates, since they were interested to have a fully capable agressor plane for Nato exercises to evaluate its potential vs western jets.

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guys pls no more r73 talk, take it to the r73 thread Vympel R-73 'ARCHER' - History, Design, Performance & Discussion - #12 by TheGhOsTGeneral

Though it’s a German production Germany hasn’t adopted it. I don’t see why there can’t be a Puma with Spike ATGM launchers like we know exists in it’s stead until such time as the Lynx gets officially adopted.

You sure you want this smoke? Ok

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It’s been reported that the bundeswehr is not happy with the performance and reliability of the PUMA so this may not be the case for long. But even so the KF41 should still come to Germany even if it’s in the next update there’s no reason or validation to withhold Germanys most advanced IFV from Germany.

The whole game is full of export und testbed vehicles, which were never adopted by its country’s military. But got added to the country which developed it. It never has been an issue, this new rule is brand new and probably very German specific.

only reasons sth like that couldnt happen to russia is because any military development company is automaticaly stateowned

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germany is pretty much the only land with 2 competing companies in the same field who are very similar and with exports in the market, this should be an advantage but they are turning it to an disadvantage for germany