Germany should also get the KF41 Lynx

The funny thing is that Bundeswehr hasn’t adoped the Leopard2PSO. It just tested it in Munster and thats it. It was not considered useful. But it got added ^^


The Puma’s performance is not the issue, it’s a fantastic tank. The problems are that there are not enough spare parts and repairs often take too long.

Yeah how does it make sense to add this to Germany but not the kf41 hell I wouldn’t be nearly as upset if we got the kf31 along side the PSO but no the snail hates Germany.

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all east german migs should arrive the same time the USSR ones do


There were reports of the vehicles gun not firing during live fire tests at gun ranges and the vehicles catching on fire do to faulty wiring I would say there more than just a spare parts issue.

You’re not wrong. But a Puma with Spike ATGMs is incredibly similar and actively used by Germany which is a more preferred option. I don’t see a reason the Lynx can’t be added to Germany later. Similar to how the Mi-8 is coming in and the Chinese variant in the suggestion forums for the Mi-171.

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Best possible way , gajin gives us KF41 with 35mm gun, not adopted by anyone and hungary can cry that germany got a better version


Most issues were vastly blown out of proportion, like a soldier not being able to find a switch or not operating the touchscreen correctly. There was indeed a cable fire though. Not a single issue took longer than a week to fix iirc.

35mm prototype? We want this.

This is how it should be. The country of the manufacturer should have the best versions of the product. Not how they always treat Germany


Never treated normally. Other nations are always exported at the expense of Germany and does not give Germany anything before.


Yeah this whole mess is just straight bs at this point


What is this shit take? Hunter F.58? DF-105? SK-105?

See above

britian has other hunter variants doesnt it?

yes there is one in both german and french tree your point?

it is only the KF41 that is missing any variant in its origin country then


Way to be mega biased towards Germany… What you just said does not matter. The best Hunter to ever be added to the game, while the UK has ZERO (0) good hunters, gets added to GERMANY. A HUNTER JET, gets added to GERMANY… The UK still doesn’t have a single competitive hunter jet.

Don’t try to defend this stuff it just makes you non-credible.

DF-105 is ONLY in german tree despite heavy french involvement, SK-105 ONLY got added to France when a GIANT shit storm was created because only GERMANY was getting it.

Y’all are clowning.

we never wanted it, it is copy paste trash they just gave to germany so to say, the same job the hunter is doing could be done by the alpha jet, gajin just is to lazy to model and add it to the game. And you say to ever be added in the game, i have no idea are there better hunters that could still be added?

yes that gajins fault not germanys, dont blame that on the germans

so you are exactly describing what we are doing for the KF41 currently thank you very much


btw that describes sweden with the Strv 122 a bit as well, and then sweden even got the best leopard 2a6 from germany as well


Don’t care. The point is Germany often benefits the MOST from this dumb practice. You have to acknowledge that.

You’re uninformed. It isn’t copypaste at all. It’s currently the best and only competitive hunter in the game.

not the point

not really

im not, im saying germany benefits the most from this awful practice of putting vehicles in the wrong trees

yes… except again, GERMANY benefits the most from this, this is possibly the first time its ever been done TO germany and now theres a bit outcry…

The 2A5/2A6 were at least viable and had upsides over the STRV122 until they buffed the 122s, the UK still has no competitive hunters