Germany should also get the KF41 Lynx


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Wait so they’re making this kind of change to the puma but they won’t fix all its bugs and give it it’s 50% missing armor and spikes? Bro screw these people ffs. It’s bad enough they are gatekeeping the kf41 from Germany but now they are fucking up the puma without fixing the problems it’s had for over a year?.


I just want AHEAD to work or it be changed to HE-VT until they fix it.


To be fair the invulnerable turret with no ammo replenisment was a bug.

Just the one bug that IMPROVED its performance.
And because of that its the only one getting fixed. And now theyll claim “weve FIXED the puma”


fucking amazing gaijin what a way to fuck a vehicle already fucked


That’s normal for Germany tech tree. They fixed puma as they promise. I think another review bombing not will be excess

i mean they did fix it but not really wich looks like they are trolling us on purpose at this point

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like watch this dude in the old forum , he did a whole calculus for the armor value and the only thing the puma got was a 5 mm and a 15 mm plate

Mig-29 wasn’t too late at all.
Of course things are going to be sidegrades, a new BR for tanks isn’t necessary yet.

Surely they fixed AHEAD this update though…right?

im serious dude this PUMA “fix” seems like a joke at this point like yeah “hey guys yall asked us to fix the PUMA so we fixed it”


What? It came a patch later and is now being left behind with the new F-16C and Mig29SMT. It was late and now left behind.

I say we’ve been due for a higher BR for awhile, especially after the lower tier decompression. It eased stuff at lower tier but now a lot of vehicles that were low because they weren’t good are facing things they have no chance vs.

Those vehicles need decompression and the only way to do that is with a higher max BR.


well br is gonna get raised to 12.3 to be fair

It does feel like corrupt a wish at this point.

Like how they fixed some nations not getting APFSDS stock while others did, so they fixed it by giving everyone HEAT-FS stock…

For ground?

There’s no evidence Germany is being left behind at this time.
Also most 11.3s are perfectly fine against 9Ls and R-73s, and I say this as someone intending to kill SMTs using F-1C.

air, f16c and mig 29 smt are confirmed 12.3

What? Yes there is, look at what’s being added.

Talking about ground decompression.

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I’m talking about ground.

i hope seriously that when the second dev server comes out they have fixed the PUMA