Germany should also get the KF41 Lynx

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  • No. Why not?
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Quite obvious. Germany via Rheinmetall designed the KF41 and is also the producer of it - hence it stands to reason that this IFV should also be given to Germany.

According to BvvD, KF41 will be not added to Germany on the basis of it being an export vehicle that is not used by Germany, however there’s a few problems with the excuse given to us:

  • Challenger 2E exists
  • Vickers Mk.7 exists
  • Kurrassier exists

Two of the examples given above are self-expalantory - both were made for export but still given to UK.
Kurassier, here’s where the fun begins - France received it due to technological ties to the vehicle, and Germany due to political ties. Both of those apply to the Lynx, it was developed by Germany (Rheinmetall), and Hungary has always had close political ties to FRG.

Furthermore Germany owns KF41 demonstrators of their own, this here is the one sent to Greece:


Yes, Germany should also get KF41.
Developed by Germany and Germany needs new top tier light tank now.


Just because it’s an export vehicle it is still 100% a German IFV even if it doesn’t come to the tech tree it should still be at least a premium for Germany.


no not more high tier premiums im sick of the few germany has already
you can already buy your way to top tier no need to make it even better…


Agreed, their current excuse is that KF41 Lynx was made for export - the problem is that many were made that way, incl for example: Challenger 2E and Vickers Mk.7 (the latter being half German - Leopard 2A4 hull and all that…).

This is plain and simple, double standards from Gaijin.


The easiest example is TAM series.
TAM is made by Germany for Argentina, but exist in German tree.


wouldn’t be a first.


You should explain a bit more in the main topic thread, with the comparison with challenger 3e and vickhers mbt 7

Besides that i dont mind hungary having it exclusively for 1-4 patches, because it is the poster child to get people to play the hungarian sub tree.

But this should not be a basis to permanently deny the KF41 Lynx to the german tree, the main problem with the comparison to the Puma is that the model is completly broken and the Lynx one might not be, additionaly the intresting APS system makes it enticing

Another problem i have with it is that italy as only nation seems to be getting fire and forget missle systems one after another, while other nations are missing IFVs and those missle systems


Added an explanation to the main topic thread. o7

Regardless if it’s needed or not, in what world you can justify a Russian T-90S exported to India in the UK tree but say that Germany cannot get a vehicle they export?

Like am I missing something? You break your back by bending over backwards to force that in, but unwilling to slightly bend the knees to get something added for Germany?


Mike said that Germany ain’t getting it because it’s “not in service with Germany”…

Looks at 2S38, CR2E, Ariete AMV, T-90S, HSTV-L, Black Night and many others

@Smin1080p Please ask the devs to reconsider. This is double standards at their finest and it’s honestly ridiculous.


Just absolutely ridiculous. Germany’s most advanced IFV, maybe the most advanced IFV in the world… and they don’t even get it.

Years spent grinding through the German tech tree and I don’t even get to play our most advanced vehicles.

This decision needs to be reconsidered, it’s just outrageous.


@Smin1080p we dont need it this patch, hungary can have it exclusive for a few patches, but it being denied on the basis of it being an export vehicle is a big problem, it still is a german developed and produced vehicle and should find its place in the german tree sooner then later


Germany must get original 35mm unmanned turret version within a few patches.


The KF41 not coming to germany hurts particularly badly when you consider Germany hasnt received a new rank 7 ground vehicle in almost 3 years and is in desperate need of not only a new rank 7 vehicle, but an actual good IFV for top tier battles.

The Puma S1, which should be Germany’s current top IFV is nowhere to be seen despite Spikes already being in the game, and the current Puma IFV is so badly implemented with a dozen+ major bug reports still pending fixes, involving all aspects of both its firepower protection, that its arguably worse than the Begleitpanzer 57, an IFV tested 20 years before the Puma’s design began and 40 years before it entered service.

Keeping the KF41 from Germany not only deprives Germany of a vehicle it honestly should be getting due to being manufactured by Germany and used by a close ally, but also a vehicle Germany NEEDS desperately to fill capability issues and lineup problems it has at top tier.

The argument that this should be unique to the hungarian sub-tree and therefore to Italy’s tech tree is also a silly one, as the Hungarian sub tree is also bringing German vehicles to the Italian TT such as the 2A4 seen in the trailer, which is just simply a backstab in my opinion.


hungarian one is manned, with 30mm, that would mean opur is a straight upgrade

sorry, what opur means?


Mike denied SPIKEs for Puma… saying we will get a new Puma version “in the future”. So tl;dr - absolute state of Germany.


JFC, yeah the absolute state, Germany gets 2 vehicles added this patch, a 1910s boat, and the PSO